The benefits from women‘s participation in Eru trade . Chewing and eating the leaves directly can be used as a gastrointestinal aid while crushing the leaves can also produce a … Lowers blood pressure in diabetic patients, 11. If granted, these leaves may not exceed 120 working days. 3. Due to the antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anticarcinogenic properties of Gnetum Africanum, the leaf can be used as a remedy for certain ailments and diseases. The leaves of the vine are sold in markets throughout the year and may be used in soups and stews or eaten raw. Due to it high fiber content it helps relieve constipation 6. In addition, it can be used to treat dysentery, the benefits of bitter leaf for another digestive is to manage diarrhea that we suffer, do the same by making a herbal concoction to overcome bacillary dysentery: take as much as 9-15 g of bitter leaf dried, then boiled in 3 cups water until the remaining 1 cup. This article focuses on unravelling some interesting facts about Gnetum Africanum (okazi leaf). ... major marketing centre is the Koilo Affricanum in Congo. AED 15.75 Inc VAT. bark can be used for producing fishing nets and rope. Afang is one of the most common leafy vegetables in Nigeria and is also found predominant in Cameroon, Gabon, Congo and Angola. This is primarily because; the leaves contain betacyanin, a substance that has … Beetroot Leaves- More Benefits. 1. The okazi has characteristics thick papery-like leaves which are usually hard to cut. (WILW), International Journal of Biodiversity and Conservation Vol. Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management, 13, 35-38. It’s got a tough (hard) papery glossy texture and is somehow tasteless without any distinctive smell. Eru or Gnetum africanum is an evergreen, perennial, shade-tolerant vine with woody stems of up to 12 m or more that twine from a tuberous rootstock. Notable members of the genus are the 75-cm- (2.5-foot-) tall Virginia waterleaf (Hydrophyllum virginianum), with five- to seven-lobed … Surprisingly, yes. Mint leaves that have been dried can also be mixed with baking soda and can be used as airfreshener for your room. ... Gnetum buchholzianum has thick dark green … Both species of eru are highly nutritious and an important source of protein, essential amino acids, and minerals. Eru has anti-inflammatory properties 7. We pledge to keep your email safe. Avoid the yellowed ones too. The first mention of green tea’s health benefits date back thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine, but in the past decades many studies have confirmed matcha has many health benefits; some research specifically has measured matcha powder as the ultimate carrier of health benefits, where since the entire leaf is consumed, you get the full … Dried Leaves Dried Eru (Okazi) leaves – 70gm. Overview Information Pu-erh tea is made from the leaves and stems of the Camellia sinensis plant. Remember to always consult your health care provider before making any health-related decisions or for counselling, guidance and treatment about a specific medical condition. Eating Eru leaves and seeds prevents early morning sickness in pregnant women. When dried, they taste like a subtly bitter combination of mint and spice. Due to it high fiber content it helps relieve constipation, 7. ABOUT Navigation You may not use accrued paid vacation days to extend the length of the leave beyond 120 days. 5. Your email address will not be published. It helps in the development of strong bones and teeth. 16. 15. Eru is mainly found in many parts in Africa where it is regarded as a very popular and highly valued vegetable. leaves of Senecio biafrae – worowo in Yoruba; fermented seeds of Parkia biglobosa, African locust beans in English, Igba/Iyere in Yoruba; leaves of Talinum triangulare (water leaf) or Basella alba, Indian spinach in English, Amunututu in Yoruba; West African black pepper/Ashanti pepper (Piper guineense, Uziza in Igbo and Ata iyere in Yoruba Toning Vs Bleaching: The difference between toning and bleaching of skin, Karkashi: Health Benefits, Soup, Miyan Karkashi, English Name, Recipes, Leaves, List of dialysis centres in Nigeria (ALL 36 STATES + ABUJA), Cost of breast reduction surgery in Ghana. Fruit pulp, mature seed… 5] Okerulu, I. O. and Onyema, C. T. (2015), Comparative Assessment of Phytochemicals, Proximate and Elemental Composition of Gnetum. ) 17. Regular consumption of beetroot leaves significantly lowers your vulnerability to many cancers. While the Western world refer to okazi leaf as wild spinach or wild vegetable, different African countries have different names for okazi leaf examples; Congo call it fumbua, KoKo; Nigerians call it afang, okazi, ukazi; Cameroonians call it okok, m’fumbua, or fumbua, eru. Subscribe to our e-mail newsletter to receive updates. 10. 5 Incredible Benefits Of Turmeric Leaves You Must Know Very few of us would be storing turmeric in its root form and even fewer would be storing or knowing about turmeric leaves! Tweeter facebook Reddit. It helps slow progression of heart disease in a person with cardiac disease. ~ Both the seeds and the leaves of Gnetum A. have been proven medically efficient for treating enlarged spleen. All Rights Reserved. Eru promotes fertility by increasing blood flow to the sexual organs and helps boost sexual desire and ovulation in women while in men it boosts penile erection and libido. The vegetable for tonight is a leaf called Eru in Cameroon, Ukazi or Utazi in Igbo and Afang leaf in Akwa Ibom and Calabar. India and its love affair with turmeric … © 2020 Global Food Book. Due to the antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anticarcinogenic properties of Gnetum Africanum, the leaf can be used as a remedy for certain ailments and diseases. Curry leaves, an inevitable part of spicing up dishes are not a part of mere garnishing. The relatively high protein content of G. Africanum suggests why this plant contains a high amount of essential acids that can act as an alternative energy source especially when the carbohydrate metabolism is damaged due to glucogenesis. Eating Eru leaves or seeds helps lower risk of cardiovascular disease and coronary heart diseases. Fumbwa soup || How to cook the Congolese Fumbwa Soup, 15 WORTHY BENEFITS OF WATERLEAF (TALINUM TRIANGULARE), 18 MEDICINAL PLANTS/HERBS FOR TREATING DIARRHEA, 17 DISTINCTIVE BENEFITS OF CHRYSOPHYLLUM FRUITS, 18 MEDICINAL PLANTS FOR TREATING DIABETES, Nutrition Facts Label Calculator, BITTER LEAF SOUP (OFE ONUGBU) || HOW TO COOK BITTER LEAF SOUP WITH CHARCOAL FIRE, 25 EXCEPTIONAL BENEFITS OF CATHARANTHUS ROSEUS, 17 AWESOME BENEFITS OF THE TROPICAL ALMOND. Matcha Green Tea Delivers Real Health Benefits. This greenish climbing plant is prevalent in the tropical regions especially Nigeria, Congo, Gabon, Angola, Asia and South America. There are many more health benefits of beetroot leaves and, the following are few of those. The okazi vine is a non-seasonal perennial plant that can grow as new shoots from the section where the stem has been cut out or as a rhizome. HI THERE.. Almost every part of neem has medicinal properties. and Udebuani, A.C. (2009) Nutritional Composition of Some Leafy Vegetables Consumed in Imo State Nigeria. The two main species found in Africa are Gnetum buchholzianum and Gnetum Africanum. The seeds and the leaves have shown medical efficiency in the treatment of enlarged spleen, sore throats, reduction of pain during child birth, antidotes to some forms of poison and snake bites. … 1.Large leaves: You will find the large leaves of this plant that can be cooked and consumed as the leaves of many other plants. Ukazi is a natural antidote for poison, 13. Such as treating digestive problems, treating diabetes, reduce painful menstruation, obesity, stimulate the breast milk production, induce childbirth, treat menopausal symptoms, increase … There is no side effects whatsoever that has been reported with consuming Eru leaves and seeds. ~ The seeds can be chewed raw for controlling excessive urination. Turns out, that turmeric or haldi leaves are no less a health, beauty and medicinal wonder. This is the same plant that is used for making green, oolong, and black teas. Lowers blood pressure. Afang leaf also called Eru in Cameroon and Okazi in other parts of Nigeria is a flavorful green leafy vegetable Gnetum africanum, that is commonly grown in West Africa and used in making different soups and stews. 2] Balogun M. O, Akande S. R and Ogunbodede B. Primarily, Gnetum africanum leaves are used as a vegetable for soups and stews, commonly called eru soup or afang soup. Join me on this journey to discover, share and grow knowledge on recipes for life from around the globe. Marco Schmidt – wikimedia. INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT GNETUM AFRICANUM (ERU|OKAZI LEAF) in Gnetum africanum By Blessing Okpala. The crude protein contained in waterleaf is an important supplement both … Leaves [accordion collapsed] Leave of Absence You may request general leaves of absence without pay. With all these health benefits tell me why you won’t try it. The roots are used as a treatment against fever and stomach pains. ... (ク ロタラリア・アクミナータ ), Ku rotararia vu~eru Kosa (ク ロタラリア・ヴェル コサ ) Kurotararia verukosa, Ku rotararia angurosa (ク ロタラリ … Guava leaves can also be used in many different ways; some people choose to crush the leaves and use the extracted juices in their hair masks to stimulate hair growth. Okazi, eru or afang vine usually produces tiny flowers on maturity and the seeds have a resemblance with a drupe fruit, which is approximately 4–8 mm × 10–15 mm in size. Due to the antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anticarcinogenic properties of Gnetum Africanum, the leaf can be used as a remedy for certain ailments and diseases. I'm Blessing and I'm glad to meet you. The ultimate secret to natural breast enlargement option is Fenugreek?! 3] Iheanacho, K.M.E. Helps fights osteoporosis. This post is for enlightenment purposes only and should not be used as a replacement for professional diagnosis and treatments. How much is the Cost of kidney Test in Ghana. The leaves may further be used as a remedy for nausea, sore throats, or as a dressing for warts. Okazi or afang leaf, botanically known as Gnetum Africanum is a climbing leafy vegetable that belongs to the family of Gnetaceae. Neem leaves are also a treasure of medicinal properties. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});~ The seeds can be chewed raw for controlling excessive urination.~ It serves as an antidote for poisons.~ Traditionalists use the okazi leaf for preparing medicines used in treating children suffering from measles.~ The seeds of the Gnetum africanum can be used as fungicide for dressing wounds.~ The G. africanum bark can be used for producing fishing nets and rope. ... Scent Leaf Are you aware of the immense benefits of Ocimum gratissimum (nchanwu leaf)? Sushmita Sengupta | Updated: February 13, 2018 21:24 IST. The okazi has a characteristics thick papery-like leaves which are usually hard to cut. 1] Ali F., Assanta M.A. Availability: 19 in stock. Protein is a vital nutrient that plays a key role in maintaining and repairing the body. You can sauté the leaves and add … The okazi has a characteristics thick papery-like leaves which are usually hard to cut.

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