Topics discussed include training and qualifications for forensic document examiners as well as the various methods used to exam differing projects, such as signatures, checks, computer and type generated documents, as well as obliterated writing. IFF Lab has a state-of-the-art forensic lab in Bangalore equipped with digital imaging instruments, microscopes and other specialized equipment for document analysis. Forensic Document Examination can reveal for evidence of alterations, obliterations, erasures and page substitutions. Following are some cases where forensic document examination is applied to analyze different types of questioned documents. In the illustration (right) a glass plate containing an etched line has been placed on top of the questioned document and photographed to point out the straightness of the baseline and the flattened bottoms of the letters in Q1, 2 and 3. Evidence might include alterations, the chain of possession, damage to the document, forgery, origin, authenticity, or other questions that come up when a document is challenged in court. Any document can undergo what's generally termed a document alteration. 5. This is true in K1 and in Q1- 3. The other examinations that are a part of Questioned Document Examination are: • Surface features Documents such as letters, diaries, canceled cheques, medical records, business contracts or other legal documents containing a signature are good sources of writing samples. Our lead Forensic Document Examiner, Kate Strzelczyk, has given expert witness evidence on behalf of both the prosecution and the defence at a number of Crown and Magistrates' courts across the UK. Forensic Document Examination helps answer questions whether the note was written by the deceased or someone trying to manipulate investigators? This document provides information on the background, risk mitigation tactics, nonroutine offsite options, and additional considerations for the forensic examination of unclassified forensic digital/multimedia evidence. Although the ability to detect and disseminate intelligence about fraudulent documents is vital to border security, there are still countries lacking this capacity. At times, forensic document examiners are asked to evaluate evidence consisting of indentations left on a sheet of paper that was under a written document. • Laminated Documents This makes it possible for document examiners to identify forgery or alterations. Therefore, the straigntness of the baseline is not due to the bottom of the writing being clipped off with scissors in a cut and paste maneuver. Forensic Entomology – Using Insects for Forensic Investigations, Smart City Vishakapatnam’s Step towards a Dedicated Cyber Forensic Laboratory, Your Quick Guide to the Cyber Laws in India. Dating someone? We work with attorneys, district attorneys, public defenders, police departments, investigators, banks, insurance companies, and other private entities, providing a wide range of document related services. • Forgeries Traditional Forensic Document Examination, and that undertaken by most FDEs, predominantly involves the examination of handwriting and signatures to ascertain authorship. The result is open space around the "I" of "Valentines" and to a lesser extent the "I" of "Sherriff's" in the Q1 and Q2. • Passports K1 refers to the known writing, and Q1,2 and 3 are the questioned writing. 3. For example, documents kept below other documents while writing may contain, Applications of Questioned Document Examination, Cases where Forensic Document Examination is Applied, Questioned Document Analysis by Document Examiners, Examination of Printers, Fax Machines, Typewriters and Photocopy Machines, Detection of Deletions, Erasures and Other Alterations. So what happens in such cases? 6. The top line is the known writing. How Can Social Profiling Aid in the Hacking of Elections? My Dashboard; Pages; Forensic Case Report Examples; 2016-17 IVC Spring. Question: Were Q1, 2 and 3 written by the same person who wrote the known writing? Who wrote the anonymous note found at a crime scene? Target Document for Word Forensic Analysis. The writing of the report is either not mentioned or is given very little attention. • Photocopied Documents Issuing Authority: Division Commander Page 4 of 147 Issue Date: 10/28/15 Version 7. They are handwriting experts, as well as experts in other areas of document examination, including machine printing processes; and obliterated, indented and erased entries. The exhibits above were produced to illustrate mock trial testimony given in this case. The case was atypical because it focused on printed rather than cursive writing. In the world of forensic analysis, which includes crime scene investigation, DNA testing, fiber analysis, fingerprint analysis, voice identification and narcotics analysis, to name just a few of the disciplines, handwriting analysis fits into the area of questioned documents. Conclusions: After a thorough examination of the questioned document, it is the examiner's opinion that the known writing (K1) and the questioned writing (Q1, Q2, and Q3) were written by the same person. • Agreements Between the time of her death and when she was found, evidence suggested that her body had been stored at low temperatures. The Good and Bad of Cryptocurrency – Is Investing in Cryptocurrencies Wise? • Homicides Sometimes even documents that do not bear any visible mark is subjected to forensic document examination. Procedures and Observations: All of the writing in this case was examined with the unaided eye and under microscope at magnifications from 7X through 25X. This is obvious in the knowns, and even though Q1 - Q3 may have been formed against an artificial baseline, these strokes are evident in the "1" of "14" in Q1 and in the "P" and "M" of Q2. Many training courses concentrate on training the forensic examiner in specific tools or techniques. Other methods of ink examination include subjecting the questioned document to infrared radiation. A requirement for a forensic handwriting expert to perform a handwriting examination is obtaining a sufficient number of examples of a person’s handwriting to use for comparison with the questioned writing. • Stamp Papers • Printing processes IFF Lab provides digital and cyber forensic solutions across multiple verticals. • Fraud Why Does Your Organization Need to Build Cyber Resilience? Although there is no dot over the I to indicate a lower case letter, the simple "stick" form of the "I" is used and it varies in height. Notice this small stroke on the "M"s shown here. Learn the basics of forensic document examination in one year or less. Document Examiners involved in handwriting examination divide handwriting samples into two types – Collected Writing Specimens and Requested Writing Specimens. Handwriting comparison is the most common work performed by a questioned document examiner. Forensic Document Examiners, Inc. is dedicated to providing professional forensic services in the field of questioned documents. Are you sure about your partner? It provides services for Questioned Document Examination including handwriting examination and other analyses for verifying the authenticity of a document. There is a small stroke toward the right at the end of many downward vertical strokes of letters such as "M", "N", "P", "T" and "H". However, this branch of forensic science has significant applications in a wide range of cases, from homicides to kidnappings to medical malpractices. The Questioned Document is a photocopy of a government form. This is possible by the different reactions of different inks to varied wavelengths of light. How to Avoid and What to Do After a Data Breach? Forensic document examination is all about analyzing and comparing questioned documents with known materials in other to ascertain the author of the document. Cases of family disputes over wills and other significant documents with forged signatures are quite common. Forensic accounting utilizes accounting, auditing, and investigative skills to conduct an examination into a company or individual's financial statements. There is a shortage of document examiners in the criminal justice system due to the limited education and training programs available across the United States. • Suicide notes. • Embedded invisible information Documents recovered from a crime scene or a suspect may also give crucial leads from impression evidence or indented writing. In forensic science, questioned document examination (QDE) is the examination of documents potentially disputed in a court of law. Such specimens are purposely created under controlled conditions for the purpose of handwriting examination. For example, a suicide note bearing a handwritten or typewritten text and a forged will, both can both be considered as a questioned document. It involves a close monitoring of the writer by the investigator and/or document examiner. • Tampering and photo-substitution As further illustration of this characteristic the known and questioned writing have been optically overlaid and photographed through a comparison microscope. Forensic document examination has mostly been associated with ‘white collar crimes’ involving business or financial deals. Document examiners use scientific principles of handwriting and ink analysis for examining the different types of questioned documents. By comparing a number of known examples (the specimen) with the writing or signature that is in doubt (the questioned), a determination can often be made as to authorship. Ensure your safety with these tips. Requested Writing Specimens are writings that are dictated to the subject (writer) by the investigator. Whether you are using an expert as a consultant or as a testifying wi… Document examiners trained in handwriting and signature analysis are thus able to identify a forged handwriting/signature from a genuine one. Is the signature on the will indeed that of the deceased? For example, documents kept below other documents while writing may contain impression evidence. Certain documents do not contain any distinguishing mark or note. Letter spacing resembles elite or pica type in that it is non-proportional (every letter is given almost the same amount of horizontal space, regardless of its requirements). Both known and questioned writings use entirely upper case letters with the possible exception of the "I" which may not always be in the form of the capital. How healthcare IoT is vulnerable to cyber security threats, 5 things a student should know about an Advance Fee Scam, 5 cyber security threats to expect in 2018. Real Life Example ... After an examination by the forensic pathologist, it was concluded that she had not been in the woods all that time since November. Principles of Forensic Document Examination Forensic#document#examiners#often#deal#withquestions#of#document# authenticity.#Todetermine#whether#adocument#is#genuine,#anexaminer# may#attempt#to#confirmwho#created#the#document,#determine#the# … The different types of questioned documents could include any document having personal or business connotations. Ways in which Your Smart Home is Vulnerable to Hackers, Busting the Myths About Facebook’s Data Use, How to File a Cyber Crime Complaint in India, The History of Forensic Ballistics – Ballistic Fingerprinting. Will All Rights Reserved. Glass alignment plates were used to examine the baseline, top line and spacing of the writing.

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