The business transaction reference number and receipt number (generated and displayed on the tax invoice/receipt) must be quoted when making enquiries with us. 5. ... Just checked a random chassis number found in honda garage. pwuser153239866037 (Hassan) 2018-08-27 22:25:45 +0500 #11 If your vehicle's chassis number falls within the chassis number range of between RU3-1200021 to RU3- 1208152, it would mean that your Vezel hybrid is affected with this meter display issue. The DCT is only found in the hybrid versions of the Vezel and as far as I know there are no plans to release these outside of Japan. Honda Vezel Recall Part Replacement information for drivers Range of car chassis number of the target car and production period DBA-RU 1 RU1 - 1000020 - RU1 - 1022560 December 10, 2013 - March 31, 2015 Learn more about Honda Motor Co., Ltd.'s voluntary recall of the Fit Hybrid and Vezel Hybrid produced in Japan from July 2013 through February 2014. TOKYO -- February 10, 2014 – Honda Motor Co., Ltd. today announced a voluntary recall of the all-new Fit Hybrid and Vezel Hybrid produced in Japan from July 2013 through February 2014 due to … VIN Code Description BA4 Prelude, 2.0/2.1L BA8 Prelude, 2.2L BB Prelude VTEC, 2.2L BB2 Prelude, 2.3L BB6 Prelude 2-door CB3 Japan Version Accord, 2.2L Order your VEZEL now! The Vezels affected are currently only Vezel Hybrids and the petrol version is unaffected. Chassis Number: RU3-1363228 Engine Type: Transmission: Automatic : Price: $235,000TTD In Trinidad Sold: HONDA VEZEL RS , 2018 CC Rating: 1500CC Chassis Number: RU3-1318308 Engine Type: Transmission: Automatic : Price: $205,000TTD In Transit Arriving: Available: Honda Vezel X HONDA VEZEL X , 2017 CC Rating: 1500CC Chassis Number: RU3-1254916 If you are interested in Vezel only go for RU3 and RU4 chassis number vehicles, the prior models had software issues which locked up the transmissions. SBT is a trusted global used cars dealer in Japan since 1993. I have seen many Honda Vezel owners complaining about transmission temperature warnings in traffic. 6. Honda officially announced three recalls for their dual clutch transmissions and all of them were for their hybrid variant which came with the Fit Hybrid and Vezel Hybrid. The vehicle sensor and webbing sensor could be inoperative. Import used HONDA VEZEL 2014 from Japan. There have been a number of recalls for the hybrid Fit and Vezel related to the DCT's firmware, the most recent being just a few months ago, so it's hard to say whether Honda has truly solved them. I read on the LTA One Motoring site that there is a recall for HR-V in effect on June 4, 2020, which says: Due to incorrect manufacturing of the rear seat belt assembly, the component attached was bent. Chassis numbers affected: RU3-1200021 ~ RU3-1208152 . The fee for purchase of any Day Licence shall be made through the available payment methods displayed on the subsequent payment page. I put a non-refundable deposit for a Honda Vezel at Ubi Automart from Cars & Coffee.

honda vezel recall chassis number

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