5 dating tips on how to ask a man out with no efforts

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Making a first step: 5 dating tips on how to ask a man out easily

Girls are often taught to be passive and wait until a guy makes a first move. However, this old-fashioned tactics might often lead to nowhere. Want to be among these brave ladies, who are risky enough for making the first step to establish a contact with a boy you like? Are you afraid he will find it odd or just laugh at you? No way! Modern guys usually like, when girls ask them out first! There are few secret methods to do it incredibly easily. So, take into account our 5 dating tips on how to ask a man out and just go ahead!

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  • Send him a pic and a short message “I will check this out on Saturday. Are you with me?”. This is probably the easiest way to ask a guy out. In this case you do not need to initiate this nerve-wrecking personal contact. Furthermore, it will make a guy of your dreams wondering, whether you really like him or just seeing him as a friend. You are just telling him you are going to visit some event with or without him anyway (but it is fun if he will join you).
  • Invite him to some group event. If you hesitate, whether you can ask a guy for a real date, just ask him to hang out together with friends. The perfect solution is to hang out in a crowd of mutual friends. This way, you might create an occasion to know him better and feel absolutely no pressure. If you feel there are some chemistry between you two, you will be much braver to ask him out tete-a-tete.
  • Offer something he will definitely like. Just share with your dream boyfriend a link of a special event (for example, the concert of his favorite pop group) and write “I think it will be really great! Fancy checking it out?” The key of this invitation is that you do not ask him out directly! You just focus on this special place, event or occasion. However, make sure to choose something appropriate (no expensive tickets or too long event).

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  • Learn something new together. Choose some sphere he is interested in. For example, the lecture of famous speaker or any debate. Then text him a couple of sentences, like “I’m going to visit this lecture on Friday. Looks interesting! Would you like a ticket?”
  • Ask him to go out directly. This option is for confident and relaxed ladies. “Would you like to have a drink this Sunday?” Although it might look bold, most guys will still accept your invitation. Moreover, you will easily find out, whether he is interested in you once and forever. Do not be afraid, it is just a date!


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