5 things to talk about on a second date

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5 things to talk about on a second date: Great topics for pleasant conversation

The first date remains to be the most complicated step for any relationship. However, the second one has a vital role for whether you will become a lovely couple or not. Therefore, the topics you are going to discuss on your next date are also important. Here you will find 5 things to talk about on a second date that are suitable and acceptable for everyone.

  1. The ‘flashback’ things. You have definitely discussed plenty of topics on the first date. Usually there are some uncommon and interesting facts about your crush that you would like to know in detail. For example, his trip to India or living 2 years in Italy. Just show your interest in something special about your partner and he/she will tell you more.Good memories
  2. Good memories. What is the most unforgettable moment in your life? What scared the pants off you? What is the most adventurous journey you ever had? What is the brightest moment in your childhood? What did you like to do with your parents, when you were a kid? These are common topics for a second date. Just keep all the things light and positive.
  3. Dreams and hopes. What are your plans for future? What country would you like to visit? What city would you like to live in? What career is your dream one? First, these topics are really fascinating and interesting for discussion. Second, you will find out, whether you have similar life goals and plans.
  4. The funniest things. Just remember a couple of funny things that happened to you in the past. Your crush will also remind some cool moments and is likely to share them with you. Laughing is a miraculous trick that unites. However, respect the boundaries and avoid telling something funny, but offensive about your friends or exes.in love couple
  5. The best things in your life. One of the best topics to discuss is the best and most important things in your live. You will get to know your partner better and might easily find out, what his/her life priorities are. Is it family? Career? Traveling? Helping others? Keep your conversation easy going and find some common things that will bring you more information for topics for your third date.


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