6 Ways Men and Women Need to Change the Way They Date in 2018

Tips for Guys and Ladies

The Way You Date in 2018: Prompts for Men and Women

There is nothing new that the world of dating is changing rapidly. Numerous rules for dating followed by our parents become old-fashioned and lose interest. What are the new peculiarities of dating? What should you know to have a healthy modern relationship? Here are 6 ways men and women need to change the way they date in 2018.

Tips For Guys

Tips for Men How to Change the Way they Date

– Don’t chase too much for ladies, who show lack of interest to you. Although you should often make the first steps, when it comes to establishing connection, dating, kissing and having first sex with a new partner, avoid putting too much effort to attract a woman, who doesn’t like you. If a lady doesn’t reply to your messages, accept her rejection and move forward.

– Become more selective. The times when you were dating a woman because she is incredibly hot only have passes. Choose your partner not only by her sexual appeal, but also by some important qualities you value in the relationship.

– Control the pace of your relationship. Communicate with your crush and set up some boundaries to follow. Does your relationship come too slow or she is already planning to move to your flat in a couple of dates? Feel free to tell about your feelings and expectations.

Tips for Ladies

Tips for Women How to Change the Way they Date

– Become more active. Making the first move is absolutely normal. You don’t need to sit and wait until your Prince will come and marry you. Be communicative and don’t be afraid to ask him for a dinner or just send the first message.

– Enjoy dating. Don’t expect too much. Meet new people, go for dates and explore, which qualities you value most of all. Slow down, relax and enjoy having a good time with a new partner! Mutual trust and deep understanding will not come in just a few dates.

– Be clear. If you don’t like that guy, avoid playing games or ghosting. Be fair to your partners, despite it might hurt them. This way, you don’t give them a fake hope for building relationship with you and feel more freedom.

The bottom line: dating in 2018 is featured to have equal rights for men and women, when it comes to dating. Just build respect, follow your gut and be happy!



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