First date advice for men: easy tips for an amazing date

mens First date advice

First date advice for men: 7 prompts for unforgettable date.

So, you have asked that awesome girl out and now you are going to have your first date. How can you impress your lady? How should you behave on your first date? What is strictly recommended to avoid to produce a good impression on a girl you like? Below you will find a list of great first date advice for men to make your date unforgettable for both of you!

  • The first impression is the most important. Make sure to have a pleasant smell (do not forget to take a shower and use your deodorant before going out) and to look spick and span. Being shaved and having a perfect manicure is also very important.
  • Choose a comfortable place. Women prefer to visit a safe, but not overcrowded place. You might easily choose any of your favorite restaurants to have a pleasant conversation with your new crush.
  • Be confident. Either it might be a little bit complicated, try to feel more confident. Wear your best clothes; prepare some interesting topics for discussion in advance to avoid an awkward silence.
  • Do not talk only about yourself. You might have an exceptionally adventurous and interesting biography, but make sure not to tell all your best stories at once. Ask her questions, share some pleasant memories and do not be too persistent.
  • Avoid talking about your ex. If your lady asks about your ex-girlfriend, do not tell her the whole story of your relationship. You may simply say that you were too different people and miss all the other details.
  • Make her laugh. Make your conversation easy and light-hearted. Do not pretend to be someone else; your lies might destroy everything in a couple of moments.First date advice
  • Switch off your smartphone. Are you going for a date with all your friends from Facebook? Never checkup any social networks during your date! Otherwise, it might be the last one with this gorgeous girl.
  • Offer to pay. It is a good sign, when you offer to pay for your new crush. However, do not be too forceful.
  • Finish your date properly. If you are not sure you are going to contact a girl to have another date; do not promise to call her back. Not to mention, if you really liked her, avoid waiting for a couple of days to make a call. The sooner you tell her about the awesome time you had, the First date advice

The list of the first date advice for men can be incredibly long. All in all, be your best self, enjoy your conversation and you will have a perfect date easily.



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