Conversation at Your First Date: What to talk about?

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Conversation at Your First Date: The Best Topics to Talk About

The first date is always a little bit nervous. How to impress your partner? What should you talk about to seem a good conversationalist and a pleasant person?

Below you will find some tips on what are the best topics to discuss on the first date

1. Favorites. Favorites are one of the easiest going topics for discussion. You ask about their favorite movies, sports, places, hobbies and pop stars. What is your new crush fond of? What does he or she prefer to do in the free time? The conversation will definitely go smoothly if you start your date from what you both like.

what to speak about on the first date

2. Positive experience. What are the brightest moments in your partner’s life? What about their childhood? If they have a magic wand and the ability to live out one moment once again, which one would it be? Not to mention, it’s a bad idea to discuss negative moments, offenses and anything that made you both suffer in the past.

3. Important people. Who influenced on you most? Do you have siblings? This way, you will get more information about your crush’s important facts and people.

4. Home. In the world, where millions of people are cosmopolitans, it’s a good question about your partner’s true home. What is the best place to live? These are also perfect first date questions.

5. Dreams and plans for future. Would you like to build a career in your company or want to change it? Do you love travelling? Perhaps, your new crush is dreaming to have a farm, while you are a 100% New Yorker. Therefore, this first date conversation is also important.

Positive experience

6. Movies and TV shows. Being one of the most common topics for discussion, it is hitting the top of the smoothest talks for the first date. Just share your views, preferences and laugh together.

7. Job. Job and education are other good points for discussion. Does your new crush like his or her job? What is the job of their dream? However, avoid talking about salary, rent, dept and anything that is related to the money and incomes.



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