Don’ts For a Girl on the First Date

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Going on a date can be charming and beautiful, sometimes the date can go good and you connect, and sometimes the date is just ruined and you don’t have anything that burns the flame between the two of you.

Tips on What You Shouldn’t Do on a First Date

1. Don’t be late

Being late on a date can be the worse thing that you can do, this will make him feel like hell, this will make him feel not worthy, and when you show up it will be already over for him.
He is going to feel like this is not serious for you, he will feel that this is all a joke to you and that you are doing it just for the fun of it. Just imagine what will happen if he was the one who is late.

2. Put the phone away

It is no secret now that most of our time is spent on browsing the internet whether it’s watching videos. Chatting with friends, gaming, or even just scrolling through Facebook.
But what we don’t realize is that this time that we are throwing away. Is not supposed to be spent like this. Studies showed that an average person stays almost 24 hours online every week, it’s not like this time can grow back. This is why when you are on a date just try to put your phone away, don’t use it too much, try to make that time dedicated to knowing the other person, cause sometimes when you just keep scrolling in your phone it’s offensive.

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3. Compliment him

Weird right? But also as women are, men can be a little nervous to go on this date, sometimes when men compliment how great your shoes are, or how beautiful you look, they just want to get it back to get comforted that they are not doing it wrong.

4. Never talk about past

This one can be tricky, but this topic doesn’t have to be brought up on the first date. You can talk about anything you want, you have every topic lying around just waiting to be picked, but this one topic is the very charming one. But imagine if he is not comfortable to talk about it on the first date, then you just made the rest of the night to be as awkward as possible.

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Couple Drinking Wine at Sidewalk Cafe

5. Make him feel masculine

It’s also not a secret that men want to feel like the man of the relation, but also that doesn’t make you invisible or any less important, try to make him tell you all these stories when he did a prank on his friends, or the time he yelled at his boss, but also don’t force it. Laugh at his little jokes or even the big ones.

6. Don’t lose your shoes

We all know how heels can be painful and irritating, but that doesn’t make you allowed to just take them off whenever you can. Instead, you can do a trick by taping your second with the third toe, which makes it less painful. And also you can get some extra pair of flats with you, so that you can go to the toilet and slip them on, then joke about it with him.

7. Be funny, but don’t become a clown

Sometimes to make the date go smoothly you have to crack a joke or two, but also you don’t have to act every joke through, It will make you become an entertaining clown rather than a human, make him crack one too. Don’t make the whole night about jokes.

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8. Liquor

Sometimes during the dinner you just get a drink or two, this is not bad but it turn bad when you start to take more than that, this much drinking can make you become tipsy, or when you are an angry-drunk it turns bad and you can say goodbye to any chance of a second date.

9. Offer to pay for the meal

Here comes the most tricky part, this is the part where you want to pay for a meal and also want to know whether he is willing to pay or not. Just try to make it go easily, don’t push it, if he is willing to pay just let him. But also be serious about paying, cause you might never know what is ahead of you, he can be someone that might just let you pay the whole bill, just be prepared.

10. The first kiss

This point can be nerve-wracking when you think about it, it’s not only that you don’t want to make your self sound like an easy target, but also this can make him nervous, he will think that maybe you don’t like him, or that this was a bad date. And maybe he will chicken out if you don’t help in the situation. You can instead of leaving him to ac on his own, you can look at him deeply and tell him that you liked the date, make him know that he can kiss you. You shouldn’t just stand like a doll not knowing what to do.

11. Don’t have sexual intercourse

If the first date is going well enough that there is a chance of second date, having sex can set fire to this chance for many good reasons like: he might be acting to be nice just to do that, and this is the worst-case scenario, also it might make you come off as needy and easy and this is the worst thing that can happen, you have to make him feel like he has you but not quite yet, he has to act harder to get to you.



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