Why is it good to discuss exes on first dates?

discuss exes on first dates

Why is it good to discuss exes on first dates: 4 significant FOR reasons

What are the most common ‘no-no’ questions on the first date? These are politics, religion, weird habits and past relationship. Although most people avoid talking about their former partners, many dating gurus are absolutely sure that this topic SHOULD definitely be discussed ASAP. Why is IT good to discuss exes on first dates? Here are the answers!

  • Discussing taboo subjects make you closer. The secret truth is that many couples initiated serious relationships after they had a discussion on the relationship issues. Although playfulness and fun are considered to be the best features for the first date, many people, who are tired of the range of similar dates, are ready to discuss important issues at once.

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  • You can save plenty of time. If your new crush is telling you awful things about his/her ex, it can be a warning sign that he/she has serious psychological problems. Furthermore, talking about your partner’s former girlfriend/boyfriend can easily reflect whether he/she still loves her/him. Just listen to your gut when it comes to discussing any relationship issues.
  • You can predict the future perspectives of your relationship. In case your partner broke up with his/her ex because he/she was not ready to marry, he/she might not become a marriage material for you, too. If your crush is looking for short-term affair, while you are dreaming about kids and family, you might consider looking for someone else.

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  • Talking about exes unveils his/her strong points and weaknesses. Was he/she jealous? Does he/she sound hostile? Did he/she cheat in his/her former relationships? Although the topic might be tough for discussion, you definitely need to try to discover his/her secrets.

All in all, talking about exes shows your partner’s ability to forgive, heal and overcome difficulties. Is he/she ready to deal with tough periods or just looking for a perfect person? Did he/she experience any long-term relationship or just had little affairs? What did he/she like in his/her former partner? Is he/she ready for a new relationship? All of these questions should be discussed with your new crush, no matter how long you have known each other.



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