How to Make a Girl Feel Comfortable on the First Date

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Make the Date Perfect for Both

The most important thing in any relationship is to make sure the personal boundaries of your partner are not affected, but in the meantime, you have to find the perfect balance to keep the things interesting for your special one. Meeting a person for the first time on the date is a new and daunting experience and you have to calculate all the possibilities on how to make the date perfect for both. Girls always go for safety, respect and a great time, so make sure you are not disappointing your girl and indulge in the activities that can light up the mood. Don’t talk too much or fast that you may sound intimidating and your chance for a perfect life might backfire on the very first date.

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Tips How to Act on the First Date

1. Find the balance between touchy feelings and overdoing it:

Today’s generation of boys does not think that there is anything wrong in touching the hand of the girl on the very first date. Some try to touch the legs and shoulder and even go for the kiss but all these things rely heavily on the situation. There is a faction of girls that do not mind the casual touching but you should be aware of that majority of girls might take the wrong meaning of your touching and this sort of situation creates the tension which is a big no if you really want to spend more time together. You should avoid touching all together and wait for the perfect moment to kiss or touch your special one. This approach surely raises you in the eye of the girl and she feels more comfortable on the date. Moreover, don’t withdraw yourself completely that can also send a wrong of lack of interest and you will lose the points again. Find the perfect without creating any sort of tension while showing complete interest in your date.

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2. Always start light:

Never ever dive into your past or mention the family in the first hour of your date. Talk lightly with overwhelming her with your past stories or when you had lost your virginity. The main topic of the conversation should be to get the basic information about the person to start a casual conversation. You may be giving away the signals that you are an open person and won’t have any secrets but girls might get uncomfortable with all the unnecessary information and date ends up in the tense situation. Also don’t get involved in the politics and religion too.

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3. Make her feel special:

8 out 10 girls have the funny and nice guy in their wish list. They love when the guy tries to make them laugh and had an awesome sense of humor. Girls can surely fool the guys by faking orgasms but not a single girl can fake a laugh. You can tell in a blink of an eye that the girl is faking or she is actually having a great time. This is the perfect chance for a boy to make her feel special by showing that you can make her laugh no matter how much life gets tough. Show that you are the perfect option and you will never let her beautiful smile disappear. If you are successful in making the first date special for her than the second date is surely on and you are in the perfect place in the eyes of her.



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