Love Songs for a Perfect Date


She has agreed to go with you on the date. “This date must be memorable,” you say to yourself. You want a place where both of you will be comfortable with each other. So, you decided to have a picnic with her in the park. You bought a nice clothe and other items for the picnic. You’ve practiced killer lines to melt her heart and make her yours forever. It’s now a day to your date, you realized that you don’t have any romantic songs to set the mood right.

Importance of Love Songs

  1. Sets the Mood Right: love songs have this special effect of making you and your partner feel relaxed. It makes your partner more focused on the date as her soul is being calmed by the soothing effect of love music.
  2. Minimizes Awkward Moments: have you been on a date and you guys are staring at each other for a period of time? These moments can be awkward. Especially, if you are not a good conversationalist. Love songs can help by calming you and giving you topics to talk about.
  3. Love Whisperer: You can actually let the music do a little talking for you. You can do this by keeping silent for a while and look straight into your partners’ eyes. You can also choose not to look into their eyes if you don’t have the stomach for it. Trust me, your partner will get the message.
  4. Memorable Date: Most times you will see old folks talking about the music that played on their first date. Sometimes this can be like 30 years back. Whenever this music comes up, they feel and remember how they fell in love for those years. Yes, music has the effect of doing this.
  5. Excited for a Dance: Most times during a date, a lady’s favorite music can come up. If you offer to dance with her now, there is a high chance that she will accept. This helps spice up the date and makes it fun.
  6. Fun Date: Your favorite music for the year might also be hers. When this music comes up both of you might start singing along. In this process, intimacy can spark up and your love might generate stronger.
  7. Adventurous Personality: Love songs on a date makes you seem like a romantic person. This makes your partner want to have more dates with you.

Top Romantic Songs of 2019

There are a lot of songs released in the world in 2019. Some not so good, some good and some, awesome! These songs have a different genre, from a different artist. Females listen to love songs most times than their male counterparts. So, if the ladies love Romantic songs, why shouldn’t you play it for her when you are on a date? You can take picks from our top 10 romantic songs of 2019.

  1. “If I can’t have you” – Shawn Mendes: Are you trying to tell your lover how you think about her? Then, this is the music you should play. It will definitely put a smile on your lovers face. This music is perfect for wooing your girl. Thanks to Shawn Mendes for this great song.
  2. “Lover” – Taylor Swift: In this Music, we hear Swift talking about how their love should be forever. She also said how she feels the love should be. she also went ahead to bring in a wedding vow ‘swear to be over-dramatic and true to my lover’. This is the perfect music for lovers about to wed.
  3. “10,000 hours” – Dan + Shay ft. Justin Bieber: 10,000 hours is approximately 1 year. Not that much time to spend with a lover. But, when you say 10,000 hours it seems large. They released this song four days after Justin got married to Hailey Baldwin. In this song, we heard him saying he will spend 10,000 hours loving, and learning the heart of his lover. This is a nice romance song you should hear.
  4. “Shameless” – Camilla Cabello: This is a great romantic song. In this song, she said something about someone she loves. We also heard her saying they should love each other without shame. Are you a shy lover? Listen to this track and learn to be shameless in love 🙂
  5. “Us vs. The World” – Fabulous ft. Chris Brown & Teyana Taylor: In this music, we can hear Fabulous talking about a real lover. Someone who will be with him through rough paths. We heard Chris saying that good things come to those who wait. This is a perfect song to play if you are having struggles in your relationship.
  6. “Higher love” – Whitney Houston & Kygo: do you love old school music? Congrats! You are in luck, you need to listen to this Whitney Houston’s cover of Steve Winwood’s 1986 hit remixed by Kygo himself. This music has a touch of old school and new school beat which makes it amazing.
  7. “Risky” – Davido ft. Popcaan: Davido a Nigerian pop singer. Did this Afro-pop hit with Popcaan a dancehall artist from Jamaica. In this music, he compliments his girl and talks about having a fun time with her.
  8. “Talk” – Khalid: Are you trying to woo the girl you have an attraction for? In this song, we can see Khalid Asking some questions. We can also hear him telling his girl how their relationship will be like if she’s with him.
  9. “Miles High” – James Blake ft. Travis Scott and Metro Boomin: Do you love trap music? This is an amazing Love Trap music from Electronic musician James Blake. He featured Travis Scott and producer Metro Boomin on this track. He kept on saying he doesn’t want to see his lover alone.
  10. “Motivation” – Normani: are you looking to up the tempo? Then this should be your jam. If you both are good dancers it can set the mood for a dance. Normani, a member of the fifth harmony, is heard saying she can be a motivation to her heart crush.


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