Lying, talking about your ex and bad breath – the definitive ranking of first date turn-offs


Had a bad date? Lying, talking about your ex and bad breath – top 10 first date turn-offs

Everyone has good and bad dates. What makes a date really awesome? What you should not do on your first date? Lying, talking about your ex and bad breath – the definitive ranking of first date turn-offs is right here below!

  • Being late. A lady might be late for no more than a couple of minutes. However, it is a real no-no for guys to be late. Not to mention, some ladies will not wait for you on the first date and just go away.
  • Lack of basic manners. Picking your nose or talking with your mouth full will definitely turn off your partner. No excuses here.
  • Talking about your former partners. You always have millions of cool topics when you meet a person at the first time. Hobbies, sports, favorite movies and music, family, career and much more! Just avoid talking about your exes to provide a better impression to your partner.
  • Do not check your phone. Your Facebook feed is not the most important thing on the first date. The same goes to numerous phone calls. The best idea is to turn off your phone and focus on your new crush.

couple phone

  • Talking too much about yourself. Date is not a job interview, where you should demonstrate your best skills and experience; it is a process of successful communication. Therefore, ask questions and do not tell too much about how awesome you are.
  • Bad breath. Bad breath is giving you almost no chances to have a next date. Just clean your teeth and use mouth spray to make sure you smell perfectly.

Bad breath

  • Avoid telling lies; despite you want to amaze your partner. Always be yourself!
  • Having no common topics. If you are afraid of having an awkward silence on the first date, just prepare a few good topics for discussion in advance. Easy? Sure!
  • Being too persistent when it comes to paying the bill. If your crush wants to split the bill, avoid demanding to pay. This can make you both feel uncomfortable.
  • Being too touchy-feely. You should respect the boundaries of your partner. Do not pester your new crush with hugs or kisses, even if you feel an awesome chemistry between you two. Study your partner’s body language to find out, whether he/she is ready to share your passion or not. Avoid being too forceful not to become spurned forever.


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