The one thing you should never talk about on a first date

First date

First date taboo topic: the one thing you should never talk about on a first date

There is nothing new that the first date is usually nerve-wracking. There are plenty of topics, you should avoid discussing, starting from religion and politics, to former partners and relationship expectations. However, these tough topics might still not spoil your first date. There is only one thing you should never talk about on a first date! Find out below!

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The most important thing on the first date is making a good impression. What should you wear? Who should pay on the first date? Can you have sex on the first date? All these questions are not as important as they might seem to be at the first glance.

Many people want to get as much important facts about their match, as possible on the first date. They just want to save their time and money, trying to find out, whether the new crush is meant for them. You might ask about breaking up with the former partner or your crush’s plans for future, or relationship prospects… or any other tough topic.

However, the best advice one can give you for successful first date is keeping conversation easy! Try to make your conversation funny and entertaining to have a good mood. This way, your new crush will feel more positive about you.

What are the best topics to discuss on the first date?

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  • Hobbies;
  • Sports;
  • Family;
  • Holidays;
  • Favorite movies and music;
  • Everything your partner is passionate about;

No to mention, it is better to avoid topics, related to weather, reasons of loneliness, number of former partners, sexual exploits  and other well-known pitfalls. Therefore, dating should be fun and easy.

If you want to know your partner better, just ask him/her about his/her dreams and hopes. What makes your crush excited? What is the best moment in his/her life? What is a perfect relationship for him/her?

All in all, just relax and try to find the shared interests and grounds with your new partner.



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