Who should pay on a first date?

should pay on a first date

Who should pay on a first date: 8 reasons men should foot the bill

Having a first date with your new crush is often incredibly pleasant and inspiring. Although you might have an awesome date with lots of chemistry between you two, the first awkward moment usually appears when receiving a bill. Who should pay on a first date? Should you split your bill? Below you will find 8 reasons why a man should always pay on a first date.

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  1. Men, who are ready to pay on a first date, are usually considered more confident. All ladies prefer dating confident guys! Therefore, a man shows his generosity and financial well-being. What about the next hang outs? No worries, guys! This rule comes only for the first date; you should not pay for all the dates with your lady.
  2. Money is not the most valuable aspect. When it comes to the first date, the easiest way a man can show a new crush his respect and serious attitude to new relationship is just footing the bill. It does not mean a male ‘buys’ his lady; this simple gesture is just reflecting his sympathy and warm feelings.
  3. There is no sexism. Paying on the first date will not definitely hurt feelings of even the most confident feminists. A guy paying on the first hang out is just a classics of dating. However, in case the lady insists on splitting the bill, a guy should not be too forceful.Who should pay on a first date?
  4. Girls do not owe their partner’s anything. If a woman suddenly realizes that her new crush is not the man of her dreams, she should not have the second date even in case the guy paid for her on the first date.
  5. The dating man and woman are not friends. Many guys reject paying the bill on any date, since they never pay for their friends after a night out. However, people, who started dating are not friends! An affair is more complicated than friendship, especially when it comes to first stages of a relationship.

What about the same-sex couples?

LGBTQ+ couples are more flexible than heterosexual ones. This way, a person, who asked on a date usually foots the bill. However, splitting the bill is also a common issue.

All in all, if one person paid on a first date, the other person should be ready to pay on the second one, regardless gender or sexual preferences.




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