Seven dating problems you have had, but your parents never did

dating problems

Dating now and before: 7 dating problems you have had, but your parents never did

The rules of dating have been changing through years. From meeting a new crush and communicating to preparing for a marriage, plenty of issues differ from those that were common just a few decades ago. What have become more complicated? What is now dangerous when it comes to dating? Below you will find seven dating problems you have had, but your parents never did.

  1. Social media. Almost all of us try to find as much information about a new crush, as possible in various social media. However, it might easily tell you too much about your partner (as well, as about you!) This way, you might get a preconceived notion about your new crush before meeting in person.
  2. The forms of dating have drastically changed. For your father, going on a date was just picking his crush from her home with a bouquet of flowers, watching movies and seeing her off to the doorstep. Now, you are free to have an adventurous, extreme or whatever kind of date with no obligatory moments. Furthermore, you might even have sex on the first couple on beach
  3. Payment issues. Earlier, males used to pay on the first date. However, these times are gone. Modern ladies are usually ready to split the bill and will not find it odd or offensive. Note: although hundreds of girls might offer to pay, most of them still prefer the classical option, when a man stumps up for the dinner.
  4. Earlier, a lady might wait for her crush call for hours. Mobile phones elevated your communication to the new level. However, many people are now facing misinterpretation of smiles and emojis in the messages they receive. This might easily cause quarrels and even a breakup of a couple.
  5. Online dating. Although online dating remains to be one of the greatest options for meeting new people, it might often be deceptive. 10-year old photo and false information in your partner’s profile can easily become disappointing, when it comes to real dating.
  6. Hooking up. The tendency of the later marriage is currently on the top. Your parents might be married in their 20’s, while most adolescentsare usually not ready for marriage at this age.romantic loving couple flowers beach ocean weather blue sky photo
  7. Sex on the first date becomes more acceptable. Therefore, the level of STDs are on the rise. Do not forget about safe sex to low the risks of contracting an STD.


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