What to do on a first date?

first date

How to make an impression on a first date?

А first date is the beginning of your love affair. Therefore, the main tasks are to make a good impression and to communicate with your partner pleasantly. Your sweetheart should want to see you again.

As you may know, everyone appreciates sincerity. Of course, it is necessary to look good on a first date. It applies to both, appearance and mood. But, appearance is important only for first few minutes. The most considerable thing on a first date is communication. It should be sincere and without any hint on interrogation.

There is another hitch: you need to draw a line between sincerity and excessive talkativeness. Surely, it is great, when you can easily tell about yourself. However, it is necessary to give your company an opportunity to tell something interesting.

It is to be noted, that one should be short and sweet on a first date. The point is to understand whether you are interested in your partner or not. It does not mean that you need to study your date profile thoroughly, as well as you should not tell about all your childhood emotional traumas. After all, you can exhaust all communication topics during your first date.

Body language on the first date: what to pay attention to

Posture, facial expressions and gestures determine how we are perceived by other people. It is scientifically proved that reasonable self-confidence is the key to success in many situations. Self-confident (but not arrogant or on the contrary diffident) persons make an impression of attractive and successful people. Therefore, at first date with a stranger you should not demonstrate either timidity or haughtiness.

Remember the situation, when you had to deal with a very uncertain and indecisive person. While shyness in children sometimes evokes tenderness, indecisive adults often make an impression of uncertain or even incompetent people. Shyness can also be perceived as a lack of interest. So, you should avoid all this in order to impress your partner.

Many people hide fear and uncertainty behind arrogance or, on the other hand, shyness. But, it is really difficult to understand what is actually happening inside us.

what do on first date

Pay special attention to body language. You can unconsciously make an impression of a haughty person. For instance, a raised chin, gaze, etc. Try to avoid that. And, of course, smile! After all, a smile is always positively perceived by other people.

In fact, there is no general guidance what to do on a first date to make it successful. We are all different; we have different tastes and preferences, which may seem strange to other people. So, whether a first date was successful or not can be judged only by mutual desire of both sides to continue acquaintance on a second date.



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