5 tips on How to talk to girls on tinder

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How to Talk to Girls on Tinder Easily.

The first message to the matched person on Tinder is always exceptionally important. However, for hundreds of people it is often a challenge to start a conversation. No matter how communicative you are in real life, your first chat will either hook up a needed girl or lead you to denial. Below you can find 5 great tips from experienced users on how to talk to girls on tinder and make them meet with you in private.

  1. Double check your own profile. The first thing you should start with is your personal information. Make sure, you have downloaded the best photo that attracts attention to your profile at the first glance. Do not miss any basic information, since it is also extremely important. However, do not write too much about yourself: an average Tinder user spends up to 30 seconds to read a profile. Make sure to delete odd and old photos, as well as pictures of low quality.
  2. Investigate girl’s profile carefully before writing any message. You can find plenty of useful information about the girl’s hobbies and interests, which can become the main topic of your first message. How to talk to girls on tinder and make a first move? It is a good idea to find anything you have in common or something that had not been commented by other guys.
  3. Attract her attention with positive comments. Make your girl feel excited with an unusual compliment on her outstanding features. Either you are going to write about her amazing sense of fashion or decorating skills, your purpose is to make her pick your message out of dozens of other “Hello” chats.
  4. Be approachable. In case you have written a first message to your match, make sure to read a reply at least within one day. Girls hate waiting too long! However, avoid spending 24 hours per day on Tinder: being always online is not good either.
  5. Continue communication beyond tinder. The best strategy to get to know each other better is to take your communication to the next level and go beyond tinder. If you still hesitate to meet in real life, begin with talking via phone or Viber. Note: a successful hookup should not take much time.

What to avoid in your first message?

How to talk to girls on tinder and avoid the most common mistakes of thousands of users? First of all, do not say “hi” and just wait for immediate response. Second, avoid writing too long messages: a couple of sentences are absolutely enough to pick-up a girl of your dream. Do not write more and more in case she does not reply.

If you failed with one woman, do not give up! There are still thousands of awesome girls, who are ready to talk!tinder use



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