5 tips on how to write a perfect dating profile


5 Tips on how to write a profile about yourself for dating websites.

If you are looking for a true love on dating website, your profile is always a key to success. Although you might have an amazing photo, it is still not enough to get a match of your dreams. What are the most important issues you should write in your profile? How to write a profile about yourself and get maximum amount of likes? These handy prompts will help you to create vivid and outstanding profile.

  1. Write the most exciting information about yourself. The best idea is to start with your hobbies and lifestyle. Either you are keen on hiking or prefer reading books on psychology, it is definitely worth mentioning. Your habits and way of living will help people decide, whether you have similar interests.
  2. Give a snapshot of your personality. Are you funny? Calm? Affectionate? Adventurous? Write few adjectives that describe you the best way possible. If you still hesitate, which features to mention, ask your friends to distinguish your best qualities. Be honest and do not write anything you are not sure of.
  3. Describe a person you would like to meet. Do not be too picky! Write the most important qualities you are looking for in a partner. However, avoid long and boring descriptions of the match of your dream.
  4. Do not add any negative information. Just focus on positive features of your future match! Negative attitude is always repulsive. If you want to write that you hate nerds, it is better to note that you are fond of intelligent people with positive attitude to life.
  5. Double check your grammar and spelling. Thousands of people have a couple of spelling and grammar mistakes in their profiles. This issue describes a person as inattentive and frivolous. Therefore, this point is vital in case you are looking for long-term relations.

Some more tips on how to write a profile about yourself 

You need to be explicit on what you are writing about. For example, most people usually write that they enjoy traveling. However, while someone travels to his or her relatives to the neighboring state, another prefers going to Amazon jungle to find new adventures. The difference is great indeed. In this case, describe your favorite routes and destinations, tell about the most vivid experience you had during traveling.

A person, who shares your leisure time and lifestyle, is likely to take an interest in you, too.





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