7 Tips on How to Create Eye-catching Online-dating Female Profile

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Create Eye-catching Online-dating Female Profile: Tips and Tricks

Online dating is currently one of the most popular ways to find the true love. However, looking for a perfect match and creating an attractive online dating profile is not as easy as it might seem to be from the first glance.

What make your profile more likable?

Find out a list of handy tips on how to boost your online dating presence easily.

– Photos. The most essential part of your online dating account is your photo gallery. Make sure to download only fresh photos and reach the number of 5-6 shots. Note: using pictures with a group of other people, photos, where you are in the swimming suit, lingerie or naked is a true no-no for the successful profile. The same rule goes for the pictures with kids, pets and photos, where you wear sunglasses. Just choose your best new shots, where you are captured alone and smiley.

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– Avoid clichés and standard phrases. Adding common information, like ‘I enjoy listening music and going in for sports’ usually leads to swiping your profile to the left. The main rule for creating the best online dating profile is being unique. What music do you like to listen? Have you ever been to the concert of your favorite group? What kind of sports do you really like? Be more specific and add details to your story. First, you profile will be more likable. Second, your possible matches will have more questions to initiate new conversation. Note: the perfect woman’s dating profile should always encourage the reader’s curiosity.

– Avoid negativism. It is a good idea to write about what you like, enjoy, love, adore and just being inspired by rather than creating negative lists. Any negativism might easily blow away your awesome match.

– Be confident. This means using confident language. Be precise with what you like and what you are looking for. This way, chances are that you find a perfect and confident guy.

– Avoid writing a long CV. The information in your profile shouldn’t contain all the steps of your life in details. Make sure to add some mystery to your data, leave some space for possible additional questions of your new match.

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– Use light and easy-going texts and stories. Although you might boast of having PhD, try to add simple and friendly data to your profile. Avoid using specific terms that might easily frighten your true love away.

– Be yourself. Never write any lies in your online dating profile. First, your lies might be accidentally discovered. Second, it’s simply not fair. Describe your true hobbies and passion to attract your true love!



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