Are Online Dating Sites Safe?

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Dating sites take the responsibility of keeping members safe; most have structures in place that bar malicious parties and intentions directed at your profile. However, you also have a part as a subscriber with the kind of activities you engage in. Of course, you can’t share all your personal details publicly on your profile and expect the site administrators to protect you. Privacy rights also limit the administrators from accessing or fabricating any data on your profile. Sharing personal details is one of the top reasons why online dating is not safe.

Tips to Keep You Safe

Hold personal information
Of course, introduction involves names, what you do, where you live, and where you work. It is the basis of any conversation with a stranger. You may not avoid this; however, you should be keen on what you share at different stages of your conversation. If you must talk about your workplace, only mention the industry and nothing about your specific position or address of your company. You might also want to keep your last name a secret. The levels of technological advancement are impressive but also scary; one can find you with little knowledge about your workplace address and your full names.

Stick to website messaging
Deny the temptation to switch your conversations to other messaging platforms. If you are not yet sure with your online partner, don’t hurry to share your phone number or social media account. This will give away too much information about you. Are online dating sites safe? Messaging on a dating site is safe; no one can go beyond your shared details to find out more about your location and other personal details. This is a crucial safe online dating practice.

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Meet on public spots
After engaging each other for some time, the need to meet will certainly come up. For a first date, make sure it is in an open place. You never know! Irrespective of how long you have been on consistent communication with your potential partner, you should practice caution. While it may be a true connection and desire for a serious relationship, you never know why your partner is sacrificing time and money to travel long distances to meet you.
Be sure you are comfortable with the busy environment. Instead of lifts, take stairs. Also, inform a friend or sibling of where and when you will be having a date. Let someone be updated about your moves.

Trust your gut
One of the key tips to safe online dating is listening to your inner voice. It is always right, especially when you are in a new environment. In this case, meeting a stranger. You might have been in communication for months but if you feel threatened or uncomfortable with the relationship, you should move at once. Be honest and let your friend know you are no longer interested in the relationship, if possible, mention the reasons. If you are on a first date, excuse yourself to the bathroom and rush home. Safety should come first.

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Meet as soon as you can
Online dating is fun; however, the essence of a relationship is companionship. After familiarizing with your partner’s interests and objective of a relationship, suggest for a first date as soon as possible. In fact, you should start with Skype; video calling helps you to connect with your potential partner if at all both of you are serious with establishing a relationship. You can never be sure of the person you are talking to unless you have seen the face, not photos on the dating site.

If the other party seems too busy or making excuses for your first date, consider it a red light. Either your partner is not yet sure about the relationship or operating on different objectives.

Ask questions
Don’t be afraid of making your potential partner feel uncomfortable. If you are uncertain about some of their claims, ask for proof. Let them send photos and documents to prove anything they say. It is important to be confident with your partner even before your first date. Dating sites give you the right to question anyone pursuing you as much as possible until your mind is at peace.

Of course, you should be slow with your actions. Don’t make decisions too quickly because you haven’t met the person. Don’t fall for the trick to send nudes just after few weeks. Give yourself time and listen to your gut.



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