Asking for a Date on Tinder

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After a lot of searching and swiping you have finally get the girl of your dreams and swiped her right. You really want the relationship to hit off but what will you do to get her to meet you or take her out on a nice romantic date? You have impressed her in the digital world but if you are not converting that into a real date then you are missing on some real moments. The transition is tough and everyone knows that but it does not mean that you back out. No one knows what the perfect time is but that decision must be taken by you. You know her routine; you know how she reacts to situations like these. So improvise and make sure you caught her at good mood and time.

Tips on How to Ask a Girl Out on Tinder

Interests to Talk about:

Look out for similarities or her interests. If you know, you might ask her out to an event, or party, or game or whatever her poison is. The trick here is to know what gets her excited. Find out what kind of music she likes or is she a foodie? What’s her favorite dish? Make these small details your conversation starters when you are asking her out. For example, I’ve heard the burgers of that joint are pretty great, interested in accompanying me, I don’t like to eat alone.

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Get the Number ASAP:

Getting the digits is the big step in getting a real date with your tinder girlfriend. When the conversations are going great and she likes to spend the time with you. Just ignore her from time to time and give the classic excuse of “oh I forgot to check the tinder”. Or go with the tricky situations at the work and you can’t have the tinder notification always showing up on your phone. If you are giving her proper attention, she will surely look for ways to rectify the issue of conversation breaking and will give you her number. Another straight forward way can be sending your own number first and casually let her know that it’s easy to talk than just text and you are really looking forward to talking to her. If your intentions are pure and you are sincere to her, she will definitely get back to you.

Ask her out:

After you got her number, look for the perfect moment to ask her out. Meet her in person and if everything goes right you might be looking at your future partner. Start the conversations casually like “Do you want to grab a bite” or “Do you want to go movies with me” something like that. Make sure she knows that you are not with her for the friend zone and want the relationship to go further. One thing about a tinder match is there is not a whole lot of pressure to make the plans but you can just be confident and be yourself and see where the date will lead.

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Never back out:

Just because they are tinder matches, no one takes it seriously. It’s either the girl or the boy that cancels the date at last minute and never musters up the courage to call again. Tinder dates might have low stakes but you need to treat these dates like any other important occasions. If you are ignoring the meetup or the messages it gives a certain message that you don’t the things to go forward and ultimately the relationship fails.



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