Chances of Finding Love Using Online Dating

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The phenomenon of online dating has become part of your lifestyle and we need to take it a norm. While the debate rages over the morality of the programs that define hook-ups and life-long relationships, big question remains; does online dating work?

Social Media Platforms And Organized Online Dating Sites

Conventional wisdom and life’s practicality proves that love is a fundamental need amongst us even after hundreds of years in existence. Most people with solid life-long relationships meet in social circles such as work or school functions. These pools no longer offer enough depth for building relationships thanks to online time, which has taken the attention of most people to great lengths. As a result, there is a high and consistently increasing number of people who have switched to less traditional methods of dating to find their potential dates. The less traditional methods include social media platforms and organized online dating sites.

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The Popularity of Online Dating Platforms

The rise in popularity of Internet generated dates is no longer controllable. With 77% of users believing it is critical to be available online for dating (according to recent research), it is admittedly a force to reckon with currently. The numbers keep rising as this new phenomenon seemingly replaces the traditional means of natural dating. As a result, smartphones are continuously becoming an essential part of dating. There are many people addicted to their smartphones and a further millions of people who swipe on their phones up to 100 times in a span of time, they would instead be interacting with one potential date in ‘real-life’.

Even with the rise and dependence on online dating sites, it is important to still as the question; is online dating worth it? Sourcing for love on the PC seems to have delivered several testimonials and actual strong relationships. According to latest studies on the significance of online dating to couples across the world, many people appreciate the Internet as a good place to meet and know people. At least 15% of adults admit to have used mobile dating apps in their lifetime. This makes online dating services the second most popular method to meet a partner. There are more people who prefer to browse profiles for their potential partners than meeting people in person. Recent statistics have revealed that 1 in every 5 relationships in the US begin online. These rates predict a rise to 70% by 2040 where a large majority of couples will meet online.

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Few Issues to Contend When Considering to Find Your Significant Other on the Internet

1.Most People Lie on their Online Dating Profile
You probably know this because it is not a new phenomenon. This is true mainly because you have probably lied to. Even if you are serious about finding an honest person, there is a high likelihood that in the effort to impress your admirers or targets, we lie about something. The pressure to be impressive leads most people to exaggerate their profile to make it more appealing beyond the facts. Studies reveal that at least 53% of Americans admitted to lying on their online dating profiles. Moreover, at least 22% of women admitted to posting photos of their younger selves. Men, on the other hand, lied about their financial situation or job status than their actual job. This tactic was employed by at least 34% of women too. Although this is hardly a new revelation or surprising detail, people still ignore it and proceed to carry on with their dates. Instead, it should be an issue to considering pondering over and ask – does online dating work?

2.Wrong Intentions
One of the biggest challenges women on dating sites find is that while they seek for relationships, most men are mischievous and only seek to get laid. Although there are many genuine relationship-seeking sober men on the sites, there are many who only look for sex. Since men are more eager for sex than women are, it is easy to assume that most of them look forward for it as a priority on the sites. The conflict of interests among dates on the Internet makes building of serious relationships a huge challenge.

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3.Makes you Picky and Judgmental
Online dating sites give you a chance to meet and scan through a wide range of interested people. The menu is always filled with potential options and partners to try out. This turns it into a game where you try out different people. Unfortunately, it turns the user into a picky and judgmental character. This is not fare to the genuinely interested users with deprived features, which do not match the highest bid (even though most are based on lies).


In conclusion, online dating is a great opportunity to meet a wide variety of people and options. You are exposed to many options because of the abundance of subscribers to the site. Another major benefit is that you have a chance to hide your fear of rejection and facing people face to face.



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