Dangers of Online Dating

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Online dating is gaining popularity day by day which indicates that ways to meet and know about people are changing rapidly. Almost three decades ago when the concept of digital dating emerged, few people knew about it and today the title speaks for itself. Like everything that’s newly emerged brings pros and cons with itself, online dating also is favorable in many ways and unfavorable in many others. But one thing that is important to be kept in mind is that it all depends on our own selves how we pursue the path!

Statistic on Dangers of Online Dating

  • A study conducted in UK and USA showed that 53% people in America and 43% in the UK lie in their online profiles and shocking thing is that young people were found to be lying more frequently than senior citizens.
  • Research conducted at Michigan University found out that 28% of people break up in the first year of the relationship.
  • A survey done by an online portal Statista disclosed that 24% of people are online to find hookups.
  • Internet Predator Stats found out that 16,000 kidnapping, thousands of rapes and almost a hundred murders take place via online dating sites.
  • Studies also show that more than half of the online daters are already in relationships in real life and more than 10% are married.
  • Another study shows that 27% of people on online sites use a security system for their devices.
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Precautionary Measures That Will Help You Keep Safe When Online

  • There are millions of profiles on online dating sites and many of them are fake where people are not what they show and are there to swindle. In order to avoid such people, use a trusted site which is paid such as OKcupid.
  • Don’t use your last name, don’t give your address, phone number, and email address unless there is a high level of trust between you and the other person. Also, use the unique picture for your profile so that it’s not easy to find you on other social media applications.
  • One out of many online daters decides to set up an in-person date. Don’t ask your date to pick you up because you can’t trust fully on anyone.
  • Take time to build rapport because once you are attached emotionally, it becomes cumbersome to back off.
  • Chose a public place for a first meet-up, it will spare you some time before trusting fully.
  • Let a friend or someone else closer know that you are going on a date.
  • Beware of the importance of your time when you spend many hours online.
  • Always use your common sense.
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After reading frightening statistic and safety tips, you must be thinking that online dating is a bad thing to get involved in. But before making a final judgment, let’s just consider the fact that like in real life, this kind of bad-intentioned people depict the minority. Another fact is that online dating sites have helped many people who are shy and act like heretics in society and it’s hard for them to ask someone out in real life. These sites have been useful in finding partners sharing similar interests, and that is the reason they still exist and are continuously growing as an industry. The judgment of good and bad only depends upon your experience with a specific thing, if you have had a good experience you won’t ever declare an online dating site bad. If you have good and sincere intentions and find a similar person, you’ll always feel indebted to such a site. So keep your eyes open and use your common sense to ensure your safety and best experience to share one day!




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