Do Dating Apps And Sites Really Work?

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Overview of How Dating Apps and Sites Work

The way it works is – interested users swipe through dozens of profiles (depending on the popularity of the site) to find a match. They can plan multiple dates with the hopes of making a vital hook-up to carry on into stable relationships. Different people different agendas so not every hookup turns into a happy thereafter love story. At first, there is little information that is not even trustworthy enough to tell if a person is the right match. There are also many cases of injustices and insecurity issues arising from online hookups. This brings back the ever-present question of – do dating apps work?

Most of the dating apps come with a page of advice for safe dating. This helps to keep users cautious of mischievous people who take advantage to exploit their privacy. The apps can give extra protection services such as alerting them of the potential risks before they get into chatting with strangers. Protecting users from exposure is important, it begs the question – how well do dating apps and sites work?

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The Debate

Some people argue that online dating apps have ‘killed romance’. They have brought in the simplicity of convenience and matching depending on profile summaries. Both proponents of online dating and opposing campaigners have valid and believable arguments. However, time seems to give it shape as the dust settles to reveal the winner. With time, it seems that the phenomena will be embraced across the world as the norm in dating. In fact, researchers predict that 70% of future partners will meet online by 2040.

After a long time, dating sites have lost much of their stigma and criticism. However, they have accumulated a transitional set of contradictions depending on cultural norms regionally. There remains a wide variety of connotations and opinions over the morality and the essence of online dating sites as a basis for long time relationship.

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The Controversy

There are still many people who still hold the perception that getting onto dating sites means giving up on traditional dating. They assume that one has given up and is now ready and desperate to date anything that comes. The truth is online dating is not meant only for the unfortunate and desperate aged population. In fact, recent research shows that at least 40 million Americans, which translate into 40% of all single people living in the U.S use online dating services today. The success of meeting the special person for the rest of your life may just lie within your smartphone. With many testimonials to attest to this, many people still choose to remain conservative and doubt whether it works. Do dating apps actually work? To answer the question we need to observe both sides of the issue (pros and cons).

The Pros of Using Dating Apps and Sites

1. Easy to get in and out
In dating sites, you can flirt and send all sorts of messages even before meeting the person. In case the plan does not work, you may choose to leave without investing too much of your effort and money. This means you will not be in deep heartbreaks as you can easily to move on to the next one without a hassle.

2. Safety Conscious Aspect
Newbies may still be concerned about revealing too much about their private life. They can use the safety measures put in place to remain discreet. For the introverts, they can also enjoy the fun in online dating sites and find the appropriate date for you. Their protection is guaranteed.

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Cons of Using Dating Apps and Sites

1. Lies
If you are still wondering; do dating apps work? Beware that all you see is not always what you will get. Profile pictures are easily doctored by users to make them appear impressive or what the owner wants to showcase. It is unlikely that you will ever know what the person really looks like until you get to meet them in person.

2. Choosy and Judgmental
If you engage in online dating, you are likely to become choosy and judgmental since you have an array of options to click and get date.

3. Publicity
Online dating sites publicize your private information. This means you are exposing yourself to the public around the world who will view your profile. With your information accessible by anyone around the world, you are likely to be a target of constant attention.


After observing both sides of the divide, it is up to an individual to weigh the options and make an informed decision. The question how well do dating apps and sites work can only be satisfied with personal preferences.



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