Facebook dating

facebook dating

Facebook dating: Find Your Love in Social Media.

Dating websites are no longer the only way to find a real match in the digital world. Facebook, with its millions of users, is becoming one of the major players in the dating industry. Furthermore, Facebook dating is becoming even more popular than special-purpose services for finding a girlfriend or boyfriend. Although the rules of dating are typical for both social media and dating services, hooking up on Facebook has some additional peculiarities.

  1. Clean up your wall and all your photos. Leave the best of your pictures, delete odd and suspicious posts. If you do not want to get rid of some of your incriminating photos, make sure to hide them from prying eyes. Scary muzzles and naked ass can easily repel your future match. Just create a vivid and decent profile with some of your most interesting pictures.
  2. Add more information to your profile. Write about your hobbies, lifestyle, favorite pop-stars, etc. Your profile should contain some catchy information. Since some people prefer making first steps by themselves, give them a couple of reasons to contact you.
  3. Make new friends. The more friends you have, the higher is the chance to find a person of your dreams. It is a good idea to add former classmates, colleagues from previous jobs and other fellows.
  4. Pay more attention to your newsfeed. Check photos posted by your friends. If you find someone you like, just leave a comment that requires commenting back. Use your imagination and sense of humor.
  5. Send a friend request. Now your perfect match knows who you are. Send her a friend request and initiate unconstrained chat. Yes, Facebook dating can be easily motivated by just a couple of funny posts or chat between you two!

What Should You Do in Case Your Match Does not Reply?

You have written your first cool and catchy message, but your respondent does not reply? No worries. First of all, wait awhile. Perhaps, a person of your dreams is currently busy and is not able to reply immediately. Or he /she might be online, but having an amazing conversation with a best friend.

If you have not got any response for a long time, do not be angry! Your match might be already dating someone else and leaves your message without any feedback not to hurt your feelings. Anyway, do not be too intrusive! A pile of messages will definitely spurn people you hardly know, as well as your new friends.

In case you failed once, continue searching! Perhaps, the love of your life is one of your friend’s mates! dating facebook



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