Haunting Dating Trend: What You Should Know?

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Unveiling the Secret Truth About Haunting Dating

Being incredibly complicated, the world of dating is constantly changing. The new trends appear, while the others become uncommon. What is the most popular trend in online dating now? Meet haunting dating: the new tendency that came after disappointing and annoying ghosting. Here are some important facts about haunting dating you should definitely know.

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What is Haunting Dating?

Haunting dating is a new pop trend in online dating. Its essence is still being connected in social media after the breakup. In other words, if your ex-boyfriend likes your posts in Facebook or is looking for your stories in Instagram, it’s haunting dating. It usually looks odd, confusing and might make you pop-eyed. Not to mention, guys are more likely to play a haunting dating game with their ex-girlfriends.

The Negative Consequences of Haunting Dating

1. Mess. If you are not into your ex-boyfriend, haunting dating might elevate your self-esteem and boost your confidence, making you feel a true goddess and a heart-breaker. However, if you are not sure about your feelings to your former crush, getting likes and shares to your posts might give you the false hope for revitalizing your relationship. You might even start messaging again or looking for his profile, but it still goes to nowhere. Your past should be left in the past. Note: if your ex-boyfriend really loves you, he will find a better way to unveil his feelings rather than putting likes on Facebook. Otherwise, he is just a badass.

2. You can’t forget about your ex. In case you often see the traces of his presence in your profiles in social media, you will not be able to forget about your former crush quickly. Therefore, your heart will be mended for a longer time. We recommend blocking your ex-boyfriend in all the social media to cut off all your ties in case you want to heal quicker. Although it sounds too resolute, deleting contacts of your ex will save you plenty of time and energy for meeting new awesome people.

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3. Manipulation. No one likes to be manipulated. However, haunting dating is a simple way of manipulation. Your ex-boyfriend attracts your attention and makes you wonder, what the hell is happening.

Why Does He Play Haunting Dating?

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– He is bored. In case your ex-boyfriend is still looking for you in social media, he surely is bored or has plenty of time.

– He has low self-confidence. Another reason for haunting dating is having low self-esteem. Your ex might be trying to make sure you are not dating anyone.

– He is still into you. This option is one of the rarest reasons for haunting trend. Your ex is keeping in touch with all your news, posts and pictures, because he still has feelings to you.

– He is a jerk. This way, he simply wants to confuse you and make you feel lost and surprised. He tries to make you think of him with no goal for revitalizing your relationship.



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