How to Impress a Man on a Dating site

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How to Impress Guys on Dating Site: Tips and Tricks

The world of online dating is really enormous. Everyday thousands of couples, get acquainted, communicate and meet each other in real life with the help of online dating solutions. At the same time hundreds of profiles are swiped away with no chance for primary communication. Why does it happen? How to become a star of dating website? How to impress a guy online? Find out some handy ways to attract and make him want more.

4 Most Important Tips to Attract Guys on Dating Sites

1. Start with your photos. A common dating profile usually contains just a couple of photos with full-face and full-length. However, no matter on how pretty you are, it’s not enough. The main idea is to make your pictures catchy. Try to use photos, where your hobbies, preferences and peculiarities are clearly shown. For example, if you are keen on traveling, download some bright pictures in a beautiful place. Don’t forget that your face should be clearly seen. This simple trick will make your profile differ from the others and attract two times more matches than earlier.

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2. Become unique. If you take a look at dozens of female profiles on the dating website, you will notice that almost all of them are similar. Therefore, they might be forgotten by visitors in just a couple of seconds. According to dating experts, the main rule for successful profile on the dating website is uniqueness. You will need to write more interesting descriptions in your profile, adding various data about your views, interests and passions. For example, if you are fond of knit work, listening to country music and visiting festivals, it’s a good idea to write about it. Moreover, you can share your bright impressions recently visited event (just in a couple of sentences).

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3. Stay positive. What impresses men on dating websites? These are profiles with smiley faces, positive descriptions and showing your sense of humor. The matter is that too many women are often writing what they don’t want in the relationship, which is absolutely wrong policy. Add some information about the match of your dream and shortly describe a few features of your perfect man. However, avoid being too precise not to provide an impression you have too high expectations from the relationship. Although you might feel tired of tons of messages from sex addicts or odd guys, it’s definitely a bad idea to write about your negative experience n your profile.

4. Be the first. Most guys do really like, when ladies come up first, both in real life and on the dating website. If you found a guy of your dreams online, don’t hesitate to contact him first. Otherwise, you might be waiting for his initiative for months or even years.

All in all, don’t try to be someone else. Be yourself, be sincere and open-hearted and you will definitely find your true love!



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