How to Improve My Chances of Success in Online Dating

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In recent decades, technology has become ever-present in all aspects of our lives and media has traced its way to our personal lives by engaging us at a number of social sites where we spend our time with different people, talking to them and sharing our interests with them. In such interactions, there’s a possibility that we get attracted to people sharing same thought processes and ideas and want to be in a relationship that’s more durable.

Basics Tips That Surely Will Help You to Win The Chance

1.Before going to an online dating site, sort yourself out. Know what you are actually looking for, whether it’s to pass your time or you really want to be in a genuine relationship. Don’t belittle the potential of any dating site because you never know what it is going to offer you, maybe a perfect person to be with!

2. There are millions of people out there but you have to choose from that pool so keep your circle small in order to have limited people to chose from. Do not fantasize and expect too much because people online also are people like you who are there for the same purpose.

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3. Start with setting up an impressive profile so as to attract others because only getting attracted won’t help you. First, you have to choose a picture as it’s the first thing people will see and decide anything further, so chose a clear and decent picture. Then comes your bio on the profile and the information you give. Be realistic and honest when you depict yourself because being real itself is very classy that’s sufficient to leave a vivid impression. Clearly state your interests and attractions without being dandy.

4. When you are done with a profile, next important thing is to send an opening message. The message you send will decide whether you’re going to get the reply or not, that’s why you have to be pretty picky in this regard. You don’t just have to write the message and send, try to know a little about the person you are sending your message to! Read his/her profile carefully and find out what will be enticing for him/her. And even when you know about that person’s interests and attractions, ask yourself if that’s the person you are looking for? Because it will be ludicrous if you approach a polar opposite person. For example, if the profile shows that the person is bibliophile and you love reading books too, you have a chance!

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Keep in mind that cheesy and unrealistic fancy pick up lines don’t grease the wheels anymore and you have to be more creative. But once you’ve known about the person you have to send the message, you will know better what to write and even simple things won’t backfire. Here are some really useful pickup lines that you can use depending upon the profile next to you:

  • Hey there, I’m Stephen and I’m an avid book reader. Would you mind telling me about your reading choices?
  • Hi, I want to get the best out of this site, are you up for that?
  • You don’t like formal introductions, so let’s keep it simple! What’s up?
  • You look great from your profile, I would love to know more about you!
  • So you’re in Maroon 5 fandom, tell me you’re all time favorite! I love “ Locked Away”
  • Hey foodie! I presume you’d like pretty much dating a person who’d cook for you!

5.After sending a message, wait for the reply and don’t send messages again and again because you will sound desperate and this would be a turn-off. If you don’t get a reply, move on!

6.When you start talking to the person, don’t get attached quickly. Maybe the other person had given the wrong information on profile and is there to scam you, beware of that. Take some time to build the rapport and then ask the person out for a meeting in-person.



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