Melinda Messenger says dating apps are a nonsense to her as she opens up on single life

Melinda Messenger says dating apps

Melinda Messenger quit dating? For how long?

Melinda Messenger, a famous model and TV star enjoys her life, free of any relationships. The glamorous lady, 47, believes being single is really amazing. Melinda Messenger says dating apps are a nonsense to her as she opens up on single life. Want to know more? The details are right here!

Melinda Messenger quit dating

Melinda, the mother of three kids, had a long-term relationship with Wayne Roberts, when their marriage broke up in 2012. The top model dated Warren Smith, the coach on one of the popular TV shows. However, she also split from him recently. Melinda assures she does not know how to use online dating solutions, since she is actually not ready for all these dating games.

Melinda Messenger is currently enjoying her single life. Furthermore, she had started building a career in the new field, studying to become a professional psychologist. Former model is now studying on the third year of the postgraduate course and is really fond of it!

Melinda photo

Not to mention, Melinda, who acts on the voluntary basis using a different name, can boast several clients already. She also plans to create a few documentaries on the awareness and mental health.

Melinda Messenger started her career as a model, but rejected a naked photo shoot for Playboy. Will she do that again? The TV presenter had announced she is ready to accept a new proposition only for good reasons.



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