Negative Effects of Dating Apps


Dating apps have become a very common feature. At some point, you might be tempted or even curious to sign in to those apps. It has advantages in its way as it provides for a variety of choices at the scroll of your screen. You just have to simply scroll and you choose the lady of your choice. Easy as it may seem it has negative mental effects in our brain.

Effects on Mental Health That Does More Harm Than Good

It is not easy to settle as people become disposable

Dating apps minimize social interaction. When you are given many choices, it is hard to make a choice. Our minds perceive that by a simple scroll of the screen we can get better choices. We assume them as disposable. It is the same way when you have a lot of food in your home you tend to dispose of more of the food, unlike the person who has a minimal amount of food.

There is a difficulty in building long term relationships

We have to appreciate that humans are different, complicated and very complex to comprehend. Human beings are not objects. It takes a lot of time for people to know each other and open up to each other. On the contrary dating apps make people impatient. Long term relationships are not about sending pictures and asking each other out for a date. You have to carefully evaluate your partner before deciding on becoming a thing. People have unrealistic expectations knowing that if you don’t choose them, they can easily go back to their inbox and choose a partner of choice.

Cheating becomes so easy

Some people are never contented with whatever they have at hand. They can easily cheat on their partners since others are available. Scarce opportunities in real-world acts as an advantage to the relationship. What can stand in the way of cheating if you have access to other people?

People can easily lie about themselves

The user profile is an open place. The best selfie is put on the profile. It is either a picture of their younger days or the best possible angle. At times you find yourself while using this app the date is not what you expected. You can’t get anything better if what you choose from is a tap on the snap that appears.

Lowers self-esteem

A research conducted on both genders shows that both men and women had lower self-esteem than those who don’t use them. In those apps, there is body shaming and lots of comparisons to be made. Research shows that the same people rely on the internet on tips to become more attractive. On the first date, people get that awkward situation of determining interest in a person based on their appearance.

Psychological Effects of Online Dating

Non- emotional online communications

Users in the apps are more obsessed with the appearance, not emotions. Online dating is not based on how I feel about you but what keeps running through your mind is what she looks like in real life. In this case, the relationship cannot be cultivated in such conditions.

Contribution to negative feelings

The feature involves casual disposing of people. This impacts negative feelings to the people who are dumped. Online dating new concept of ghosting could proceed to affect vulnerable mental health.

Online dating apps builds mistrust

Most of the ladies say that strangers only want sex out of dating apps. Meeting strangers is one other thing as one does not know what to expect. Worse is getting people who are not trustworthy.

Dating Apps And Mental Health

Regular rejection

Tinder which is one of the online dating apps has 50 million users. This means that there are lots of people there. People are getting chats from lots of other people also. One could be trying to build a relationship but it comes with constant rejection since users there are very impatient. A relationship requires some time for it to build. Giving more options to the users results in unrealistic expectations with their online partners. There is also ghosting in online dating apps. This is when someone just stops talking with no reason at all when you are building your relationship. This has adverse effects on our mental health. People who did meet from the online dating apps faced a creepy and awkward situation basing their interest on the appearance not on the texts hence it was so hard for a relationship to work out of the online apps.


People on the online apps lie about their age, height even their weight. Traditional dating involved people meeting in their workplaces, or even on the hotels. In this case, you are most likely to see people as they are. One cannot lie of their appearance yet you are seeing how they look. In this way, relationships are built on trust and understanding, not on their looks. Online dating on the other side is the complete opposite. Users snap their photos and look so beautiful or handsome but in real life, it may not how they are in the pictures. Some crimes are also committed through the use of these apps. One may be wanting to meet the other person with an evil intention. Lying about professional even age leads to mistrust among users.

A change to a throwaway society

In online apps human become disposable. That is your mind perceives another human to be trash. This is because by a simple left swipe one can get a better partner. This is against the traditional dating culture where human was irreplaceable. Online dating makes the human mind not to value the one at hand simply because there are options.

Online dating is not a cure for loneliness

At times when you are lonely, you think that texting someone would be of help no matter how boring or awkward conversations they might make. You are wrong texting strangers does not cure anything for those who had tried the trick I know your side with me. Texting strange people does not lead to arousal of any emotion. Texts most of the time don’t show any emotion. A strange person it is obvious not to share your details since there is no trust between the two of you.

Our real self can be easily affected by our virtual selves

On Instagram people, capture is the happy moments. Life on social media is thought to be a happy one. Which is probably not the case in real life every time. Other people at most times tend to compare themselves with others in the media platforms. This brings jealousy if you find out someone is going on a better life than you are going through.

Dangers of Online Dating

Online dating as any other thing had its good sides and the bad sides. Dangers of online dating are both offline which have been discussed above or online when you meet the people in person. Some of the dangers are discussed below.

Sex offenders use online dating apps

According to research sex, offenders use this app to get their victims. Be careful not all people have good intentions in the dating apps.

Some of the users in the dating sites are scammers

Research done shows that 1 in 10 users are scammers. Scammers do not want to pay for a monthly subscription. The money paid there shows the commitment to making stable relationships.

There are lots of cons to online dating

In the online world, there are cons. It is so easy to be duped in online dating apps. Some of the excuses included they are from a different country and needed transport. Be careful.

Half of the online daters are already in a relationship or a marriage

Online dating is being used not to build a stable relationship but get a cheat.

The spread of sexually transmitted diseases

Most women on their first dates do not use protection during sex. It is easy to spread the diseases mentioned due to lack of protection.



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