Online Dating Statistics & Facts

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Digital dating has become an important tool to find a perfect match. These sites weren’t looked at positively in past but now mindsets have changed and they have set their feet. Dating sites play with relationship status and help you succeed in getting into a relationship if you previously are not, whether it is temporary or permanent. Generally, success is your guide towards development by the inner motivation that gives you drive but when it comes to online dating success, dating trainers say that you will succeed when you are impressive, honest and patient to find a potential partner.

Interesting Stats Which Will Assist You to Figure Out Where Online Dating Sites Stand in Society

All the dating sites are being analyzed statistically to find out facts about them and their success ratio.

  • Popularity: Almost 50 million people have got online dating experience on 8000 different sites. Among these, 2500 are operating only in the USA.
  • Frequency of use by people: Every 1 in 5 relationships start online and 17% marriages happen via digital dating sites. And the divorce rate in the first year of marriage is less than traditional marriages. The research company AnswerLab conducted a study which found out that men spend 50% less time in reading profiles than women which depicts that women are more curious in comparison with men.
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  • Satisfied clients: People married after dating online are more satisfied with their lives. , they face few incompatibility issues.
  • Mindset of people: People hold different views about the effectiveness of these dating sites. 59% of people agree that online sites are good to meet new people while 23% of people hold the opposite view, they say that people who use these sites are reckless and frustrated.
  • Famous sites: Most popular dating sites include Match, PlentyOfFish, Zoosk, OkCupid, eHarmony, Badoo, ChristianMingle and OurTime. These sites have been providing services to their clients for many years and many successful marriages are on their account.
  • The success of different sites: Match is the most popular site with more than 20 million users, Zoosk sends and receives more than 3 million messages in a day and eHarmony aids 4% marriages in America. Two-third of people who meet online go out to have in-person meet-ups.
  • Age group of clients: 30% of online daters age between 18 and 29. 3% of senior citizens also use online dating sites.
  • Money makes difference: Paid sites make it sure that only serious people use the services while most people on free dating sites are there to lie and flirt.
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  • Online breakups: Nearly 50% of online breakups occur via email. This means that people prefer to end the relationship by sending a mail.
  • Annual Revenue: Online dating industry is earning over $2 billion annually and this fact doesn’t require any further explanation.
  • Most people online are liars: Nearly 80% of people on online sites lie about their age, height, weight, and relationship status, so beware of all the scammers out there.
  • Catchy profiles: A recent study that is published in the journal, Science Advances says that people contact those persons who look 25% more impressive than their own selves. This fact is in accordance with human psychology that people are always looking for someone who is better than them. Being impressive on a dating site means that you receive lots of messages.
  • Response ration: Study also showed that men respond to messages at a rate of 50% and women at 21%. Also, men are into digital dating more than women.
  • How serious the users are: A study by Statista shows that 84% of people approach online sites to figure out what they are actually looking for and then get into a relationship. 43% simply aim to find friends but 24% of people are on online sites to find hookups for a little time pass.


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