Online Dating Trends 2020


As technology advances, every section of our society seems to be taking a step forward. And the dating world is no exception. From the traditional meet-ups to a more convenient and limitless online dating, like-minded people can now connect via a mobile device or computer. But even with this latest mode of hooking up, new developments are seen almost every day.

Whether you entered the year a singleton who has never heard of online dating or an expert who has mastered the art of finding a partner on the internet, 2020 has new trends that you must watch out for.

Top Trends

Yellow Carding

Unlike other trends like ghosting, yellow carding is free of the rampant deceit and poor treatment from your partner. In the case of poor behaviour, this trend encourages people to call out for a date and iron out things. It, therefore, works to establish transparency and good intentions in the relationship.

Yellow carding is one of the trends that promote better online dating experience and can be an antidote for those who have fallen prey in any dating platform.


This term was coined late last year and has plummeted to become popular in 2020. In this trend, individuals use pets to lure others into their circle. Someone can go to the extent of borrowing a pet which he or she knows is the favourite of his/her target partner.

White Clawing

This is when an individual dates a person entirely because of bodily reasons. For example, you may not be comfortable with your partner’s personality or values, but you cannot quit because he or she has an elegant body shape or appearance. Basically, nothing unites you except the attractive physical features. When you are looking for a lifetime partner, then white clawing should not be on your list.

Dial Toning

It is a ghosting-like trend though it occurs even before a clue of a relationship appears in the horizon. A person gladly gives you their contacts, but when you try reaching them, it seems as though it was a mistake. Your calls or text messages go unanswered, and no explanations will be given to you whatsoever. When you have tasted what it is to be ghosted, you would want to put someone on this line.


When you have dated for months, and you cannot tell the difference between your partner’s friends and family, chances are that you have been stashed. Your partner intentionally hides his/her buddies and family members from you. When you want to meet their brother, for example, excuses always arise. So you remain confused whether your partner has broken the news to the family and friends about your relationship or they are yet to decide. Your partner may never tag you on any social media platform. You may be unable to tell what is going on, but the primary reason for stashing is that your partner is making it open so that they can have room to see other people.


The relationship begins quite well, but things soon take a caveat. Slowly you are being phased out. With your partner’s shifting attention and interests when you talk, you can feel the coldness in the response. You begin wondering and questioning what happened to your beautiful relationship, but the more you get interested in making straight, the rattier your partner becomes. Soon, you no longer receive even the cold responses and your attempts to make calls remain futile. When this comes to pass, then you can say surely you have been Elsa’d.

Online Dating in the Future

Dating sites and apps are making every effort to ensure their users escape traps while looking for partners. So what then should we expect in the future?

Personal Сharacters

Bots and algorithms are becoming more precise and easily accessible day by day. This will enable online dating companies to determine best compatible partners and match them. But how will this be possible? Already dating sites are collecting valuable information about their users from social media platforms or long essays written during registration. With such information, companies can, therefore, determine users’ real characters and know how to classify them. It means ulterior motives will not go unrecognized.

Lifestyle And Likes

With online dating platforms linking users’ accounts to social media networks, determining people’s likes would be easier. Typically, people are always cautious when filling in the questionnaires on dating sites. As a result, the information we give rarely reveal the exact situations surrounding our lives. But when it comes to social networks, we act with less caution, and that is when our actual states can be read from afar. It would, therefore, be more realistic to determine a person’s lifestyle and personality based on his or her social media activities and not the details provided during the sign-up process. Most companies are taking this direction.


In the future, signing up for online dating sites would become more strictly regulated. With more information collected about users, mainly from the internet, online dating service providers will be able to identify features that are deemed as warning signs and refuse to admit some people into their platforms. For instance, if a person’s actions on Instagram point towards sexism or racism, they are blacklisted, hence cannot register on the dating app. This is targeted to avert harassment that often occurs on online dating applications.

Online Dating Culture

Online dating became more popular after the arrival of Tinder and has now become the order of the day with several sites and apps for hookup. Though it is fast and convenient with several prospects to choose from, this dating culture seems more nuanced than it may be thought. The way of relating and courting has dramatically changed though the ultimate goal which is companionship remains. Even though this new culture of dating seems to be a quick fix for loneliness and boredom one may experience during singlehood, people dating on these digital platforms may still be victims.




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