Pros and Cons of Online Dating 2019

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Online Dating as a Way to Find Your Match

If you are thinking of online dating, you probably want a wide supply of potential dates. You want to avoid the effort necessary for beginning it all the way from scratch as is the tradition and proceed to interested people. By checking out profiles, it is easy to fine tune and narrow done to your dream partner with little effort. This means you can select your ideal candidate based on their description of themselves, appearance, lifestyle, hobbies, and other definitions at one go. The best part is that if it does not work, you can easily change and try again almost instantly. This means there is no need to suffer in heartbreaks anymore as dating a next person is easier than you could ever imagine. Although this is makes people choosy and judgmental, it can be viewed as a major advantage of online dating sites.

The biggest problem here is that not everyone tell the truth about themselves and you may have to wait to meet the person to actually tell who they really are. As a result, the traditional face-to-face becomes the winning method to dating as a proof of what people really are. You will need to be careful because there are many people whose agenda is not entirely matched to yours life-long partner. It is important learn online dating facts to be safe.

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Pros of Online Dating

Convenience of Communication

Admittedly, you can have instant and quick communication into your potential relationship without beating about the bush. The sites provide many ways you can meet and know about people personally before you actually meet in person. This early preparation lets you have a safe and relaxed interaction to prepare you for the encounter.
Virtual dating has proven attractive to people who are busy and without enough time to get out and socialize. If you are compelled to live an online social life because of a complicated lifestyle of heavy commitment, you are one of the appropriate candidates for online dating.

You Know Exactly What People Want

With online dating, you will be learning about the intentions of your potential partner almost instantly when scanning their profile. They are upfront and clear about their wants and needs. This is better than picking up a lady at a bar because there is little you can know about their wants and needs in a relationship or from you.

It is Cheap

Here, you have a chance to flirt and send all sorts of messages before meeting the person. If it does not work, you can leave without investing too much of your effort and money. It means you can ‘try before you purchase’. This is a great opportunity to avoid getting too involved in something that may never work.

Safety Conscious Aspect

For those who are new to the Internet and slightly concerned about revealing too much about their private life, there are safety measures put in place to remain discreet. This is an attractive feature to the newbies and laid back people. If you are introverted, you can also have fun in online dating sites and find the appropriate date for you.

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Cons of Online Dating

To help you get the right approach to virtual dates, you need to also learn the negative online dating facts. This means you need to consider the cons of the platforms too.


What you see is not always what you get. A profile picture can be doctored to appear impressive or what the owner wants to showcase. You may never really never know what the person really looks like until you get to meet them in person. Disappointments are common when people finally meet because the actual people rarely appear like what was on their profile. This happens vice versa too so before meeting, you should exchange some pictures to ensure you have a wide range of photos to give you a better clue of the person.


Engaging in online dating is likely to make you choosy and judgmental since you have an array of options to simply click and get involved.


By surrendering your private information, you are exposing yourself to the public around the world who will view your profile. You are likely to be a target of constant poking even from people who are not serious about a relationship.

Unwanted Attention

Since you do not know whom you will be meeting online, you are likely to get attention from anyone who is idle enough to try out your contact. Women should be more careful than men because they are prone to disturbance especially if considered physically attractive.



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