‘Rip up the rulebook’: How to use dating apps when you’re over 50

dating apps when you're over 50

Dating apps for those who are over 50: how to use and make the most of them

There is nothing new that millennials are often looking for love and relationships on various dating websites and applications. However, what about those over 50? According to the new research, there are almost 1 million users over 50, who has a profile at online dating solutions. However, many of them have lack of confidence to communicate freely, while others are actually not familiar with online dating culture. ‘Rip up the rulebook’: learn how to use dating apps when you’re over 50.


  • Use recent photos in your profile. No old shots, shots with friends or colleagues and family members. Furthermore, do not forget at least one full-length photo to provide a full picture of how you really look like.
  • Avoid clichés, when writing your biography. Make it personal: describe your hobbies, favorite music and movies and add some data about other personal preferences.
  • Go for real dates. Do not text too long: you might easily arrange a date after a few messages from your possible match.

Strategic delay

  • Feel free to have physical intimacy at your first date. If you really like each other, why should not you have sex on the first date? Not to mention, it is absolutely acceptable.
  • Avoid making long pauses in communication if you had a great date. ‘Strategic delay’ might be easily considered as lack of interest. The best option here is to write within 24 hours after a successful date.
  • Be honest. If you did not like a person, avoid playing games and making tricks. Just tell him or her the truth (note: be ready for denial, too). This way, you will not waste your time, as well as you will not give your possible partner a fake chance. Honesty is one of the keys to successful dating.
  • Be careful. Avoid sharing too personal information or transfer money to someone you hardly know. Avoid dating in lonely or remote places.
  • Do not stop dating in case your first few dates were a total failure. Just do not give up, be positive and meet new people. There are thousands of other people on dating websites: one of them might easily become your true love.


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    Want to try online dating, when you are over 50? Just ‘rip up the rulebook': get to know how to use dating apps when you're over 50


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