Social Media Pick Up Lines

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Using Pick-up Lines in Social Media

Social media pick-up lines initiate a conversation with the purpose of doing an introduction or giving some information. They are mostly used in online dating sites and show a romantic interest and are sometimes funny and flattery. Pick-up lines are used as the subject on how to make friends or meet people. They are different depending on the situation; they are open-ended questions which lead to further comments and hence initiating a conversation. Topics or subjects are introduced therefore leading to a continuity of the conversation.

Since this the generation which is all about social media, if you like someone you are likely to use one network to get their attention and you will want to come up with the best conversation opener. Your pick-up line must be understood what exactly you are posting, snapping or tweeting and therefore you will want to come up with the ones which will be charming, sexual, suggestive or humorously offensive. They should state a fact or ask for an opinion. Bearing in mind you are competing against thousands of singles, you want to stand out, to be creative and clever or even creepy.

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Communication Style in Social Media

Try to communicate with genuine interests and avoid eager messages. In this, you can try using thoughtful reactions to their profiles for example; respond to their profile story with genuine interest like if they indicated their hobbies, you can reply with a short but funny story from your own hobby. Another key for you to stand out is to make your pick-up lines funny. A large percentage of people will respond to funny messages more than anything else for it indicates you are likely to cheer them up and you are not the serious type.

In this case, the person will be more likely to respond or react to your statement and you should try to remain funny throughout the conversation for nobody wants to go to a serious conversation after the introduction.

Another factor to consider in order to come up with the best pick-up lines on social media is the need to be respectful and keep it casual. Choose one that doesn’t come out too arrogant or strong and make the conversation casual in a way that it doesn’t get too serious. Having considered the aspects above you can be sure of attaining someone’s attention for it will have communicated the kind of person you are leading to more interest in you.

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Cheesy Pick-up Lines

Cheesy pick-up lines are for the brave or stupid and using them is a high risk. You can use it line when you catch someone off-guard or on romantics, to break the silence or to purposely annoy someone in a humorous way. They could lead to some consequences and therefore they should be used around people who you are used to maybe your friends or when completely drunk. The reaction to the line is normally unpredictable and therefore you must be ready for the consequence.

Different people will have different understanding of cheesy pick-up lines some may find them funny and others will see it as a turn-off. Some examples:

“Is that a mirror in your pocket? Cause I can see myself in your pants!

” Are you a parking ticket? Cause you’ve got fine written all over you”

Some might find these examples offensive and could be a turn-off whereas others will find them funny and creative. It all depends on the recipient and the current situation.

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Good Pick-Up Lines Tips

Good pick-up lines are well composed, ridiculous in a way, bold and strongest. In case you find a potential mate, these are the best pick-up lines to apply. With enough humor and charm, they will work on/for anyone. You can complement your partner’s appearance, name and financial comparison. An example could be;

“If looks kill, You’d be a nuclear bomb” In this kind of pick-up line, you are comparing the beauty of the lady to a destructive weapon in a clever, unique and classic way.

Pick-up lines on social should have an inspiration from which you get the context. In most cases, the appearance of your partner is the main source of inspiration that is their profile and you should come up with a pick-up line that appreciates the person or complements their appearance.

“Is your name WIFI? Cause I can feel a connection?”

This is a clear jackpot winner, for it has a sense of humor and is likely to bring out a giggle from your potential partner, leading to a good start and opening up a successful conversation. Besides this line being silly, for nobody is named WIFI, with enough confidence and charm, this line can work for anyone.



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