Tinder Opening Lines to Use on Guys


If your opening lines on Guys are full of “What’s up” or “Hey,” you need to look for some new material. But do not worry, we’ve got you covered today. If what we have just mentioned is in your tinder vocabulary list, you will be shocked to know that most of the attractive men on Tinder get the same opening line regularly, in fact, every hour. You need to be unique and different from the others.

We will give you a secret today: the success of your opening lines to a guy will significantly be determined by factors like age, emotional state, relationship intention, and like factors. There is no magic to use or a one-size-fits-all solution. Your opening lines will only work if you know the person you are connecting with. Have a rough idea of his character trait, and you are good to go. In this article, we have categorized Tinder opening lines to use on guys basing on some factors. Let’s find out!

Know the Person You Want

Generally, there are a thousand different ways of starting a conversation on Tinder. Most ladies prefer using short but sweet and complete starters. Well, if you are a lady who is used to saying “yes” and “no” to those cisgender guys, you understand what I am trying to explain here. Not all men appreciate monosyllabic. Some love humor, others appreciate stanzas with rhymes, while others will enjoy personalized questions. If you fail to know what the guy loves, you will fail to get the guy.

1. Opening Lines For Gaming Guys

If you are a girl who loves fun and is looking for a potential partner who also loves fun, you can gamify your opening lines.

An example:
“I am eager to hear the number of times you have failed FIFA.”

2. Opening Lines For At-Your-Service Guys

Some guys are witty and fascinating. For such guys, you will enjoy having a conversation with them. The only way to have a breakthrough here is by using this kind of icebreaker, and you will be shocked by the high rate of replies that will come your way. Opening lines of such character might even result in dates.

Here is what you can use as your tinder opening line:
“Hello, I am a waiter, here is your icebreaker garnished with plenty of awkwardness.”

3. Opening Lines For the Finer Things Guys

“Does it mean that we are already married?”
You know you will never miss finding those guys who take everything with the seriousness it deserves. This phrase will make him associate you with weddings and marriages. It is a psychological catch.

4. Opening Lines For Guys Who Love “History.”

Do you want to forever remain in the mind of a guy? Well, some guys will love you, and you will always remain in their minds. These are the guys that I am talking about here. You can come up with historical opening lines and see yourself win guy(s). This one is simple, but it needs a lot of creativity. It is an ideal technique, and it makes the guy to be more engaged in your conversation and even anticipate to meet and be with you. Isn’t that what you are looking for?

An example:
“Let’s share the number of times we have been arrested in this decade, you first.”

5. Opening Lines For Guys Who Love Personalized Openers

You do not need the formula to begin your conversations. Some guys will love it if you can become personal to your conversation rather than being general. For instance, you can form your opening lines by picking something from the profile of the guy and have a pun out of that. This way, you will have created a personalized opener that will attract the attention of the guy within a short time. It is a successful method that you can employ, and you will be surprised by the success that it will bring forth. You can as well add some humor in such openers.

An example:
“I would have swiped right 80% because I feel you are cute and 20% because your dog looks lovely.”

6. Opening Lines For Those Who Love Poetic Texts

Haha! You will have to be a poet here. You do not have to be a professional poet or come up with your poems. Instead, you ought to think like a poet. Talk in “parables” or “symbolism.” You can as well use just a segment of another person’s poem. It does not mean that you will take credit for this, but you will get a guy out of this.

Take a look at this Tinder chat up lines:
“Roses are red
Profiles are blank
And this is my opener.”

7. Decide to Go Local

You probably know where your potential lover comes from. With this information in mind, you can come up with opening lines that relate to the residential area of the guy.

Here is what you can go for:
“What is that one destination is [NAME OF THE GUY’S TOWN] that you have not been to yet that you MUST visit before dying?”

8. Opening Lines for Guys Who love jokes

What if your opener sounds like, “Can I have your Wi-Fi password?”
It is a fact that he will never give his WI-FI password to a stranger. This opener is pretty cool, and it is an excellent ice breaker that will bring humor.


Prepare yourself to get more responses and like-matched in your inbox. Master the art of coming up with a unique opening line consistently and be sure that your messages will bring forth responses and dates.



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