How to use tinder like a professional: 10 easy tips

tinder use

How to Use Tinder: A Handy Manual.

Tinder remains to be one of the top dating services available in the World Wide Web. Being an exceptional service, Tinder offers numerous functions and settings for both newbies and experienced users. If you are a beginner, you might found it a little bit complicated to add all the needed information and get your first matches. Our handy manual will provide you with basic information on how to use tinder in just a couple of minutes.

1. Create your profile. Tinder offers registration using either your phone number or Facebook profile. Note: if you are going to connect Facebook with your Tinder account, your photos and pictures from social media will be also available for users of the dating website.
2. Add necessary information. You will need to fill in all the necessary data, including your gender, location and age. Make sure to download the best photo to get the maximum number of matches.
3. Add your biography. You will need to write some important and unique facts about yourself, as well as describe a person you would like to match. You have only 500 symbols to create the best presentation of yourself.
4. Manage your profile pictures. If you want to attract more people, download additional pictures to your profile. Tinder allows adding up to six photos.
5. Set up your Discover Settings. This type of settings is responsible for showing you the best people depending on your requirements.
6. Other details. This option is not obligatory. Here you can add your school and place of work along with your location. However, the more information you provide, the better matches you get.
7. Browse users and get matches. How to use Tinder to find your perfect match? The service represents users’ profiles in the form of cloud of photos. Every profile with picture also contains some information about a user (first name, age and some additional data), if you are signed up with Facebook.
8. Start chatting. After you have successfully matched with a person, you can start sending messages. Note: you can communicate only with those people, who you have liked or who have liked your profile.
9. Use stickers. If you do not know how to start your conversation, use stickers! There are dozens of GIFS and cute stickers on any topic and occasion.
10. Unmatch option. If you have changed your mind or simply do not like a matched person, click on Unmatch button to stop your communication whenever you need.

Can I Match With a Celebrity?

Tinder offers special VIP accounts for famous people, including pop-stars, sportsmen, actors and other celebrities. However, do not be upset in case you failed to connect with Brad Pitt: Tinder has exclusive features for public figures.

tinder use




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