What to Put in Your Dating Profile? Tips and Tricks

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7 Prompts on How to Make a Catching Dating Profile

The world of online dating is now offering plenty of opportunities to find love. Millions of users, extended options for texting and adding photos, cool features to boost your allow thousands of couples find each other on the dating websites. However, many people find it difficult to create an outstanding dating profile that will attract more matches. Below we’ve collected a number of hot tips to make the dating profile more successful.

7 Tips to Boost Your Online Dating Profile Easily

1. Use your main photo wisely. Your main photo on the dating profile is one of your keys to success. Make sure it has a high quality, no cutting edges, as well as it is new and pleasant. Not to mention, smiley faces usually attract more matches than gravity.

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2. Pay extra attention to your photo gallery. Being unique is one of the most important factors for creating a successful dating profile. Avoid downloading your shots with group of friends or with an opposite sex, photos in the swimming suit or naked. It also a bad idea to use photos with kids and animals. The best solution is to have 3-7 photos that reflect your hobbies. For example, if you love boating, download your pics near the river or in case you are keen on traveling, use shots, made in other countries.

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3. Write about what you like rather than what you don’t like. How to write a cool dating profile? Be sincere, open-hearted and friendly. Write about your preferences, hobbies, your favorite movies, singers and pop stars. Describe your perfect vacation and what you usually do in your free time.

4. Be specific. To attract more matches, you will need to specify your preferences. “I prefer sports and listening to good music” is not the best wording. Consider changing common phrases to your one and only. For example, “One of my passions is swimming: I try to visit pool regularly and even take part in different local competitions. As for my music preferences, rock is one of my favorites”

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5. Don’t make your dating profile look like your CV. You can note your place of work, company and position, but avoid describing all your bio in detail. Otherwise, your dating profile might look dull and boring.

6. Write about a person you are looking for. If you are looking for a partner, who shares your hobbies, add this information to your profile. However, avoid making a long list of qualities that your future crush should possess. Being too demanding might frighten away your true love.

7. Stay positive. Avoid writing about your unsuccessful attempts to find love, your exes or former relationship. Positive thoughts and notes attract happy people!



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