Which One is Better: Traditional Dating or Online Dating?

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With the advent of media, online dating emerged as a fashion in the ‘90s and is in fashion ever since. It has rather become a commodity. Today almost 8000 online dating sites are working which have provided platforms for people to know people. But an important question hits our minds; Is it really worth to date online? Can traditional dating be preferred over online dating? Whatever answer satisfies you, be mindful of the fact that dating is only a way to know the other person better and proceed further in life if you find a compatible person.

Merits of Online Dating and Demerits of Traditional Dating

Online dating provides an easy start where you can start with small talk and then forgot where in real life, people hesitate to approach first. Online dating promotes communication without vacillation.

People tend to tell more about their inner self when dating online. They can comfortably tell the way they feel and think about certain things and things that attract them. But if we talk about traditional dating, material attributes dominate. People care about looks and position in the social hierarchy without caring much about what inside the heart.

You can stop interacting with the person you don’t find congruous without the fear of being judged and called as a playboy or a playgirl. But if you switch partners in real life and people know about it, they find your character dubious.

Online dating takes you out of your geographical limitations whereas the other keeps you bound within your social circle. You don’t have to worry about the physical aspects of a relationship when talking online but you have to be careful in traditional dating.

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Merits of Traditional Dating and Demerits of Online Dating

It is easy for people to fake themselves on digital media. They can lie about their wealth, marital status, age etc. but if you are having frequent in-person meetings, you come to know about the real self gradually.
You have fewer meetups in a traditional style which can save time, but online dating sometimes become an addition and you keep on wasting your valuable time.

You can have your friends and family involved in order to assure the security, whereas you can’t easily find out if you are being scammed and played with when online.
People tend to be more serious to find a compatible partner in traditional dating than online.

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Online Dating Facts and Statistics

Some statistics which will show the success of online dating sites are as follows:

  • People willingly spend money on online dating sites.
  • Online dating results in quick marriages and people have higher satisfaction level with the low divorce rate in the first year of marriage.
  • Ever since the advent of online dating sites, positive thinking about these sites has increased. 59% of people had a positive image in 2005.
  • About 1 out of 5 relationships begin online.
  • Almost 50 million people have experienced online dating.
  • Online sites earn annual revenue of about $ 1.9 billion.
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Success in dating online depends on your mindset. They will help you if you take them seriously and believe that they will help you out, you just have to stick to your standards and not communicate with all sorts of people out there. Use online sites to know what you are actually looking for and be serious towards your future. Even then if you don’t want to go for an online dating site, here are some alternatives for you to get yourself a compatible partner:

  • Be confident and do not waver when talking to the opposite gender, express yourself openly.
  • Go at gatherings where you expect interaction like functions, parties, debates, meetings etc.
  • Live in proximity with the community, it’ll help you grow good relations.
  • Go on public tours which have people from different backgrounds.
  • And last but not least. You can contact marriage bureaus in your locality to find a match without an online dating site!


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