Women who make the first move are more lucky in love, survey finds

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Men like brave girls: Women who make the first move are more lucky in love, survey finds

Dating is a tricky issue, both when it comes to starting an affair and having a long-term relationship. Many ladies still wonder who need to establish a contact first. Furthermore, among the top issues of millions of women worldwide is texting and asking a guy on a date by themselves. Is it possible to make a guy fall in love with a girl, who contacted him first? Women who make the first move are more lucky in love, survey finds. Still hesitate, whether to write an awesome guy on Facebook? Find the proven facts that courageous ladies are more successful in finding true love.

According to recent survey, one out of three heterosexual relationships was initiated by a woman. The League, an online dating app that performed a survey, studied the detailed data of 100 couples, who were matched with the help of the platform. Moreover, only couples who have been in a relationship for more than one year took part in the analysis.

Men like brave girls

The results of the study are really impressive: one third of the total amount of successful relationships were started by ladies messaging first.

Women are likely to become more active not only in the online dating, but in real life, too. Therefore, many girls are brave enough to approach a guy they like with ease.

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The study also discovered that the average age difference between the partners is three years, while 80% got the same level of education. According to The League’s statistics, couples send around 34 messages before sharing their phone numbers.

However, the following numbers should not be followed by all the users. Thus, you can find true love in just a few messages. Everyone has his/her own path to love: why not just follow your heart, and you will definitely find your soul mate!



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