5 tips on how to chat up a girl

chat up a girl

How to chat up a girl?

You can just walk down the street, have a dinner in a restaurant, relax in a nightclub or have barbecue with friends. And then she suddenly appears – a beautiful girl, with whom you want to get acquainted. How to act? Do not miss the chance! Try to initiate a conversation. From this article you will learn how to chat up a girl.

1. Introduce yourself

She may just not know about your existence if you do not change this. Let’s draw an analogy with football: to score a goal it is more reasonable to lead it closer to the gate than to beat from two hundred meters. Therefore, approach the girl as if by accident and introduce yourself.

2. Ask a question that requires a detailed answer

How to chat up a girl so that the conversation will not stuck at the first phrase? It is advisable to ask questions the answers to which are not simply “Yes” or “No”. However, too complex approach should be avoided. It is dangerous to raise philosophical topics such as: “What is your attitude to the globalization of the world processes?” Your company may consider this to be a mockery. It is better to ask something simpler, “What do you usually do in your spare time? How do you amuse yourself?”, “What are you going to do this weekend?”

3. Comment things that surround you

Wherever you have met, there will always be something that you can pay attention to. Use this as a cause to start an informal conversation and slowly move to other topics.

tips to cgat girl

Such tactics is suitable not only for places of entertainment. If you noticed an attractive girl deep in her problems (for example, at a bus stop) say something that will make her forget about her routine. Most likely, she will gladly join the conversation in order to escape from her gloomy thoughts. But make sure that she is not too busy before pestering. Time should be chosen as prudently as the “goal”.

How to chat up a girl? What could you say? “Why do these buses appear so seldom? Well, scientists should create a machine that transports instantly. Do you also think so? “,” There are so many goods in this store but there is nothing original. Do you know where it is possible to find any unusual gift?”

4. Offer her a drink

Whether you are in a bar, restaurant or coffeehouse, the common way to chat up a girl is to order her a drink. It is the best to ask the waiter to bring her additional portion of what she has already drunk. Do not forget to attach a note with your phone number. And make sure that the waiter explained to the lady from whom the drink has come.

If she gives you a warm grateful smile, after a while you can come up and introduce yourself: “I am the one who had the audacity to send you this beverage”. Or start with the question: “I hope it was not too bold?”

Offer her a drink

5. Give her a compliment

It is no secret that girls like compliments but only if they are honest. Therefore, outright flattery and false praise probably will not work. A slender girl with nice shapes can hear from you, “What a light step! You catwalk like a supermodel”. And this one is suitable for everyone, “You have a very nice smile”.



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