Dirty Pick-Up Lines for Men: Make Him Want You Right Now

stereotypes of pickup

Top 20 Dirty Pick-Up Lines for Men Used by Ladies

If you are reading this article, you are not among those girls, who follow the stereotypes of pickup. Ladies can easily attract the guys they really like with dirty pickup lines! There is nothing new that most guys like ladies, who take the initiative and approach to them first.

So, take these dirty fingers pickups and don’t miss another handsome guy in the bar the next Friday!

beautiful woman

1. I’m too cold. Is there any chance to take your T-shirt and warm up?
2. What is your name? I would like to know, which one I’m going to scream this night.
3. Do you like Australian kisses? This one is like a French one, but a little bit down under.
4. Do you have some free space for one more tongue in your mouth?
5. I think I’ve met you before. Did we have sex? We definitely should.
6. Do you have a notebook? I need to put you on my schedule as number one this hot night.
7. Your pants suit you perfectly. However, they will look even more awesome on the floor of my bedroom.
8. Do you like porn? I have some cool videos and would like to watch it with you this night.
9. It seems to me your belt is too tight. I would like to loosen it up for you.
10. I’m quitting smoking and something big in my mouth. Wouldn’t you mind helping me?
11. My bed is currently broken. Can I use yours tonight?
12. Smile if you want to have sex tonight.
13. You look like a winner. Don’t lose the winning chance to sleep with me tonight.
14. Your hands will look really great under my bra.
15. Are you a fireman? Don’t live me wet tonight.
16. Cute jeans! Can I test your zipper?
17. I think I will feel really great with you in my bedroom.

nice woman

18. Let’s change this noisy place for my pretty red pillows.
19. Just breathe if you want to see me naked today.
20. Kiss me with a tongue if I’m wrong. Is your name Dick?

These dirty fingers pickups will definitely attract any handsome guy. Have a hot night!



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