Easy pick-up lines that really work

Easy pick-up

Pick-up lines that work: just follow these 5 easy rules

A great pick-up line is the most important thing you need when it comes to hitting on someone in a nightclub, bar or any other public place. However, many guys fail with the first phrase. How can you come up with pick-up lines that work? How can you attract a lady with just a single phrase? Below you will find 5 easy steps that will help you create a really successful pick-up line depending on situation and environment.

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  1. Forget old-fashioned pick-up lines. First of all, your pick up line should not be corny. Asking about ‘the angel falling from heaven’ or about ‘the directions to her heart’ are the worst things you might say to your new crush. Always follow this simple rule and move forward.
  2. Be original. Avoid using pick-up lines that you have seen in movies or heard from another guys. False advertising is also a bad choice. Just stay true to yourself, find your own peculiarities and personal style.
  3. Make her laugh. Girls really like men with a good sense of humor. This way, the best pick-up line is a funny one. Making her laugh is more than a half of success in seduction! If you feel you might not be ready with a perfect pick-up line at once, come up with a few in advance.Girls really like men
  4. Be confident. Being confident is always your key to success, starting from picking up a lady to seduction and building relationship. Show your intellect, be creative and never give up in case you fail with this lady. Change your tactics, try new pick-up lines and master your skills to become a real macho.
  5. Be natural. Being your best self is the greatest advice one can give for a successful pick up. Furthermore, pay attention not only to what you are talking about, but also how you are doing all the stuff.

Note: in case you fail with pick up again and again, despite you are constantly changing your lines, update your look. You need to smell good, be perfectly shaved, wear tidy clothes and have a shiny smile. If you follow all these simple rules, chances are that you will pick up this awesome lady with no effort! Do not give up and good luck!




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