Top 10 worst pick-up lines ever

worst pick-up lines ever

Top 10 worst pick-up lines ever: Never tell them to your girl!

Being an excellent companion is not an easy thing, especially when it comes to pick up. Most guys want to impress their ladies at once, but often tell absolutely wrong things and get a rejection. How can you improve you pick-up skills? What should not you tell the girl of your dreams? Below you will find a list of worst pick-up lines ever, as well as some tips to elevate your flirting techniques.

  • Are you an angel that fell from heaven? This one is a hackneyed phrase. We are sure your girl has heard this simple trick dozens of times. From many other guys.

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  • Are your parents terrorists? They have made a true bomb! This phrase is absolutely impolite and off-putting. Avoid talking about your girl’s parents in such an odd way.
  • You are amazingly hot and I am hot, too. We need to stay together. There are dozens of guys that might be much hotter than you. Furthermore, she might not find you hot at all.
  • You have really good hips. You will give birth to my kids. Why have you decided that she would like to have your babies? Being too assertive is not a win-win in this case.
  • Are you a Wi-Fi router? I have a stable connection to you. This phrase will not make your girl laugh or smile. No chances.
  • I have a rare disease. I will die unless I have sex within the next hour. Do you really think she will believe in such a line? Do you still believe she will share her bedroom to ‘save your life’? No way.
  • Roses are red, violets are blue, but I am not good at poems; nice tits. Never pay compliments to girl’s breast or butt.
  • Can you refer me to your plastic surgeon? This line is not original and sounds really embarrassing.
  • You turn me on. Okay, what is next? Avoid talking strange and ambiguous phrases to the girl you like. You never know what she might think of this stuff.
  • Are you a washing machine? I just want to fill you with my dirty things. This one is on the top of the list of the worst pickup lines ever.

If you really want to pick up a girl, be original, but not low-minded or vulgar. Most girls like intelligent and nice guys, who make them smile without being too dogged.

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In addition, the last tip: if you have got a rejection, avoid being too persistent. Move on and you will be successful with another girl the next time.




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