Most common dating fails and how to avoid them

dating fails

4 common dating fails: how can you avoid them?

The first dates are usually tricky and can often make you nervous. You have read dozens of dating advice and are almost ready to make the best impression on your new crush. However, you might still make some mistakes thousands of people often do. Below you will find a list of the most common dating fails and a few tips on how to avoid them.

  1. “Me too” fail. All of us enjoy communicating with people, with whom we have much in common. Furthermore, shared habits, views and ideas remain to be the great option to fuel the first date. However, in just a couple of dates this simple trick might easily start to be annoying. That is why, if you really have much in common, try to ask more detailed questions and learn something new concerning your common interests.couple dating fail
  2. Making a date look like a job interview. Many new relationships ruin in a couple of dates because they are trying to provide the best impression, being too shy or conservative. Asking questions and making replies is definitely not enough for first dates. Just be yourself: do not pretend to be someone else, relax, tell jokes and pay compliments to your new crush. Just be REAL
  3. Having a date with friends. In case you spend time together only with a group of your friends (for example, you go to a bar or to movies with a couple of friends), you might lose a sparkle between you two. Having a date for you and your crush only makes both of your get out of the comfort zone and show your real personality. If you started with a support group, try to move to tete-a-tete dating couple love eat
  4. Being too quick. Although you might really think your new crush is your destiny, do not rush things. Moreover, avoid paying too much attention to your new partner. For example, talking about love matters is not the best topic for a second date. Sending flowers every day, meeting after job and looking for your new crush everywhere might make him or her feel that you are an addict rather than a person in love. Give your partner some time to make sure he or she is also ready for serious and long-term relationship.

All in all, one of the most common dating fails is trying too hard. Enjoy the moment, spend some time together and relax!



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