Why does not online dating work? Best tips to find your love easier

does not online dating work

Why does not online dating work: reasons for being rejected.

Online dating is one of the most popular methods to look for love. Although you might often fail to find your match online, it is still less difficult than real dating. You just need more practice and energy to become more successful. What are the main reasons for being rejected? Why does not online dating work? Below you will find the most common mistakes men make on dating websites and solution to them.internet dating

  • You have not downloaded any photos. Although it is one of the most evident mistakes, thousands of users still make it. Make sure your profile contains your current pictures. Do not be shy and show yourself to your possible matches!
  • Your profile is not filled in accurately and is missing some vital information. You cannot be taken into account seriously if your profile information is absent. Add some interesting details about your hobbies; write a couple of sentences about your perfect partner, and you will definitely get some replies.date online
  • Your partner’s description is too detailed. Avoid writing your perfect match’s height, weight, color of hair or eyes. It always looks too odd! Do not describe a person of your dreams as if you were writing a novel.
  • Your profile contains any negative information. Avoid using such phrases, like “I hate”, “I cannot stand” or “I detest”. Stay positive and write about what you like rather than what you do not like.

If you want to lay emphasis on any fact, just write, “I’d rather stay at home at weekend than go to movies”.

  • You are trying to be someone you are not. Avoid writing lies in your profile. Although you might think it will attract more matches, it usually has an opposite effect. People are not looking for a superman or superwoman.
  • Your messages are boring or too typical. Do not write “Hi! How are you?” to anyone you really like. Study his or her profile, find something particular about the person and then ask some specific questions. Make your conversation genuine.
  • You have stuck on one person. If your match does not reply to a couple of messages (no more than two!), just move on! Avoid writing the same person again and again. There are millions of girls/boys on dating websites, who expect to receive your message!


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