40 Cheap Romantic Date Ideas

couple sitting on a banch in city garden

Romantic dates are the backbone of any successful relationship. It is a moment of bonding with your significant other. Couples should frequently go on romantic dates to keep their relationship fun and alive. The conventional dating ideas require a huge budget and planning. When you are low on budget, you can always think of some fun cheap date ideas. They are pocket-friendly and take bonding to a whole new level.

Cheap Date Ideas You Might Think of Implementing in the Near Future

1.Have Picnics
These are some amazing activities for reconnecting. Having your homemade snack a glass of wine and a lot of hugs under a cool, calm tree.

couple lying on grass and a bike near them

The only budget you will have here is a blanket, from your wardrobe, and an application on your phone to guide you of what to look at (if it’s your first time.) things can get intimate and you end up making out under the stars.

3.Go Hiking
This is a fun-filled activity that have some health benefits. Besides having the opportunity to bond, you will also be losing some calories.

4.Enrolling in a salsa dance class
Salsa is definitely a romantic dance to learn. It will increase bonding and teasing. The advantage is that you can be dancing at home before you go to bed.

5.Become a tourist in your hometown
Most people are not familiar with their neighborhoods. This is caused by a busy day-to-day life. Once in a while, you can go on a neighborhood tour as you catch up with your significant other. You might end up bumping into a new classic coffee shop.

a couple walking

6.Go on a road trip
Besides having an experience of beautiful scenery, you can always make out at the backseat of your car.

7.Have a fun photo session
Find a beautiful scene where you can go and take some beautiful photos together.

8.Visit a museum
Remind yourself of some history, go view some relics.

9.Go through old photo albums
Reminiscing over some old photos can be very breathtaking. It reminds you of the journey you have walked together.

a couple looking at old photos

10.Have a coffee or tea date
A simple tea or coffee can make one feel appreciated.

11.Visit a zoo
Make sure you take enough photos of the animals. It will add to your home gallery.

12.Have a nature walk at a botanic garden
It’s time to know some scientific name if your favorite flower.

13.Hakea bonfire at the backyard
This can create the most intriguing experience. Have a wine over the bonfire, ensure the lights at the backyard are off.

Rescue a pet, or visit a local charity organization event.

15.Have a poolside date
Wear your favorite swimsuit, visit a nearby pool, have a small chat over a glass of wine by the pool. If it gets hot, dive into those waters.

Couple near poolside

16.Go on a ferry ride
Nothing to do? Nowhere to go? Have that ferry ride and experience the cool sea breeze together.

17.Attend a karaoke night together
You don’t need to have the best vocals, go and have fun.

18.Attend a wine-tasting tour
A good idea of hooking up while having sips of some free fine wine.

a man filling a glass with wine for a woman

19.Hobby swapping
Have fun trying to do something your partner does with but you have no idea how it’s done

20.Go bowling
Ignore the shoes, have fun.

21.Have a kayak ride
Rent a kayak and have an adventure over the water, scream and laugh out loud. It will give you joy.

22.Attend a cookie/chocolate tour
Time to have some free chocolates or cookies. Isn’t it fun?

23.Attend a gym together
This will help you encourage each other to keep physically fit.

a couple drinking water in gym

24.Attend a drive-in movie together
Watching a huge screen movie in your car is not only fun but romantic, you will have time to cuddle and give gentle touches.

25.Go for some fruit-picking
A healthy and excellent idea anyone would have ever thought of.

26.Attend a comedy club night
Laugh together away from home.

27.Cook together
Download a recipe book, grab ingredients from the market and practice cooking a new dish together.

a couole cooking together and smiling

28.Play mini golf
This can be done at home if you have the kit.

29.Visit a local art gallery
Be in touch with the local talent, it may spark an urge in creating your own pieces.

30.Take a cooking class
It’s a great idea for new couples. They will get to know each other more.

31.Stay in for a movie
Stay indoors, order some readymade food and watch the latest movie together.

a couple watching movie at home

32.Have a stroll along the beach
A sunset beach troll is so scenic.

33.Have a lunch hour date
Maybe you have tight schedules and the only time you have free is lunch hour, grab that chance and have that lunch together.

34.Prepare a kitchen garden together
An excellent way to spend a weekend together.

35.Have an indoor picnic
Who said picnics must happen outdoor? Move that table and create a picnic venue right inside your living room.

36.Put your creativity to use
Be crafty, create a piece of art to add to your living room. It may be a wall painting or a small traditional basket.

a couple with brushes

37.Attend a sporting event together
Know the local sporting fixtures, attend the one near you.

38.Revisit your first date venue
A great idea to reminisce.

39.Play monopoly game
This lengthy game will create a considerable amount of time to converse.

40.Grab an ice cream during summer
Fight the heat with a cup of ice cream. It’s cheap and you can buy her each week throughout the summer.



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