Good places for a date: cheap and cool

good places for a date

Good places for a date: bright ideas for your first rendezvous.

The first date is one of the most important things in building any successful relationship. How to behave on the date? How to choose a perfect destination among the hundreds of good places for a date? Below you will find some creative ideas on where to ask her out and get the best impression with no efforts!picture places for a date

  • Bowling is always fun and easy. You may play, communicate and have a couple of drinks. This option is on the top of good places for a date.
  • Going for a walk in the local park is another bright idea: you might stay together in some romantic places, feed ducks and kiss as long as you wish!
  • Riding bikes. You can choose any destination to ride a bike. Just rent a couple of bikes and feel free to go wherever you want.
  • Boating and canoeing remain to be other great options for the first date. However, make sure your new crush is not afraid of deep water.
  • Make a fire outside. If you are going on a date when it is absolutely dark outside, you can easily make a fire outside. The most romantic choice!
  • Go hiking and find the most breathtaking places, take pictures and kiss – all you need for a perfect date!
  • Cook dinner. Cooking together usually unites lonely hearts. Furthermore, having candlelight dinner is always superb intimate.
  • Go roller-skating. Another awesome option for active couples is roller-skating. Even if your girl cannot skate, you might teach her.
  • Listen to live music. Find any cozy café with live music. The pleasant and easy atmosphere guaranteed!
  • Play mini golf. Playing mini golf is always entertaining and will definitely impress your date.
  • Ice skating. There is nothing new that winter sports are amazing. Just rent a couple of pairs of ice skates and enjoy the time together.
  • Go to museum. Though it might sound boring, visiting a local museum will give you plenty of topics for discussion. No more awkward silence!
  • Go to the beach. A really great place for dating in summer. Enjoy sunset together, walk along the shore holding hands, and share your small secrets!where good place for date
  • Go to the pool. Swimming and bathing are one of the most favorite girls’ options for a date. Have fun together with no efforts!


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