Simple and Cute Fall Date Ideas

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Who told you date is not sweet during the autumn? The leaves during this period wear the beautiful shades of yellow, orange, and red while the air is a bit cool and crisp. Fall is the period to celebrate Halloween and Thanksgiving. The fall comes with awesome and cute date ideas. Discussed below are seven cute fall date ideas.

7 Romantic Fall Date Ideas

1. Play in the Leaves

Gather some fresh leaves in your yard and have some leaf fights. Pile the leaves and jump in them. Run on the leaves and throw some at each other. Also, you can create a storm of leaves and have fun all day! This will give you several opportunities to touch yourself and mix romantically.

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2. Carve a Pumpkin

The Halloween celebration offers you even more advantage. Find your perfect pumpkin and carve it into your Jack O’lantern. Use the opportunity to discuss your younger days, favorite costumes, and childhood hobbies. Save the pumpkin seeds so that you can toast them later.

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3. Toast Pumpkin Seeds
After carving and designing your favorite jack-o’-lantern, it is time to season and toast the pumpkin seeds into a delicious snack. Turn to your favorite scary Halloween movie and enjoy your date. You can get some recipe and instructions online.

4. Go for a Walk in the Crisp Air
It can also be fun and refreshing to go for a walk in the crimps autumn air on a sunny day. Observe the squirrels as they scamper around in search for food. Watch the leaves as they change color and relax later with a warm apple cider. Talk about the events at the venue and link it to your current lifestyle.

5. Go to a Haunted House or Maze
Every city has at least one haunted maze or house. The anticipation of entering the house itself is enough to put both of you in the mood. Of course, you can take some wonderful pictures at this spot and laugh at the structures later.

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Walk your way through the maze and laugh at yourself as you take the wrong turns sometimes. You may discover your date has no direction, especially when there is no compass or map. However, make sure you have the contact of the maze owner should in case you really get lost. Pick up discussions during this period and enjoy your date.

6. Bake a Pie
What is the better period to bake a pie than during the fall? If you have never baked a pie before, this can be an opportunity for you to learn from your partner for Thanksgiving. You can make a pumpkin or an apple pie together. Remember apples are plentiful during this period of the year.

7. Pick Apples
Autumn is the harvest time for apples. If you have some orchards in your yard or nearby, spend some hours walking through these trees and picking apples. You can even spark up a game to see the person that picks the largest/highest number of apples. You can buy some apple cider later and enjoy a hot cup later.

Bottom line

Autumn is an excellent season of the year. It is a period of Halloween and Thanksgiving. There are some cute fall date ideas you can practice during this period. This article discussed seven of these ideas.



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